Here i go again but i am not alone

Ok here goes nothing…

So i am not a professional blog writer, my bachelors is not even closely related to journalism but here i am starting a new journey in blogging. What has lead me to this you may be wondering well as popular as it has become i too have recently lost my job in the bio-tech industry. While this has become the norm among American’s i am bored stiff. I enjoy working hard i get a since of accomplishment form working in my desired field. However after the recent events i am wondering if it is my destiny to be in the bio field i once earned to work in.

I feel as though i have lots of good tips or advice to share about random events in life. This comes from my few short 28 years on this world. In the last couple of years i completed my bachelors, spent a year in Australia, sold wholesale flowers, did wedding flowers, went to NY for the first time, road tripped across southern US, worked at Starbucks (loved), met and married my husband, working in the CRO industry for one of the biggest pre-clinical laboratories in the world, traveled to HI, visited Seattle, took a cruise to Europe (included 4 countries),  laid to rest two grand parents, remodeled home, quite my job to work at one of the largest research universities in the US, moved to a small town, honeymooned in Paris, lost job at university. That sums up the last 6 years pretty broad, but those are the major milestones.

Ground Rules:

  • While i am no author i write from my heart and liberal brain.
  • What comes to mind is what gets written.
  • I do not want to rewrite and edit edit edit my blog i feel this takes away from my view point.

I am going down a new road.