The cheese stands alone


Cheese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Both my two closest friends are now both preggers, they were my TTC friends. I knew both would probably get pregnant before me because neither have fertility problems…just me. Honestly I am so happy for them both, maybe this means my baby will get all there hand-me-downs, and they will have lots of good tips.

I am sad to be alone but I am doing positive affirmation and visualization. So in true positive fashion this round of clomid will release an egg or two, which will be fertilized and result in a  full healthy pregnancy.

Everyday I am doing what would be called a form of meditation where I visualize egg release to delivery. It feels really soothing to relax and visualize which is also great for stress relief.

The correlations between high stress-PCOS- infertility, thus I will be trying to keep my stress levels at and ultimate low this month.

Day two of clomid and so far not strong side Effects.  Though last month day one was also calm before, it was day three before the massive wave of PMS rage.


Uterus spring cleaning

I am pretty sure my uterus did some deep cleaning yesterday and today, it was pretty painful. Maybe this means it’s ready for a summer visitor, because I sure am. Tomorrows day one of clomid so I am trying to prepare and zen my soul. Even visualizing becoming pregnant.

What to expect when expecting the movie review

What to Expect When You're Expecting

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week went to see the movie with and expecting friend. While there where some funny moments in the beginning that most TTC would laugh at. The middle got a fair bit dry and unrealistic.

There is a young couple that a accidentally becomes pregnant then misscarries which is a fair bit unexpected based on the primise of the movie. Just be a little worried for those who have been through a loss recently, I would advise waiting to see.

Next major beef about the movie it was the pregnancies where fairly unrealistic even the births but I guess it’s supposed to have creative license to make it a comedy.

The dads group depicted brought a fun twist and experience for guys. I am not a guy so I can’t speak for them but it appeared to be relatable.

Adoption story made it somewhat inclusive but it would be a fairy tale story of getting a baby extremely quickly from a international adoption.

Maybe my perspective is a bit jaded by my efforts to get pregnant, in a dream land everyone would have similar stories of ease to becoming parents. Over all I am happy to of saw it but wouldn’t give it a must see rating.

all i want to do oo ooo

Tonight (Sugarland song)

Tonight (Sugarland song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So some of you may figure out that this is a popular lyric to a country song by Sugarland. The story behind it is one of love. For my 26th birthday my now husband and i went to Carmel for the weekend. Before we hit the road we stop to pick up some new tunes for the drive it was around midnight the night before we left. We found two CD’s both Sugarland i had wanted one of the songs on the first CD and the other was their first so we picked it up too. Little did we know we would have no radio reception for about 2 hours of the ride. So we listened to the CD’s over and over.

The song that uplifted us as we were both getting a bit tired from driving in the dark and that we would both sing along;

“All I Want To Do”

I don’t want to get up, baby lets turn off the phone
I don’t want to go to work today or even put my make-up on
I got better things to do on my to-do list anyway
Hide under the covers and waste away the day

Let’s just lay here and be lazy, baby drive me crazy
All I want to do…..oo oo  ooo oo ooo ooo
All I want to do….. is love you

I got my whole life to change the world and climb ladders
Looking at you looking at me is the only thing that matters
Come a little closer baby we can talk without words
Hang a sign on the door, “Please do not disturb”


Give me a kiss, from that Elvis lip
You don’t want to miss this

All I want to do…..oo oo  ooo oo ooo ooo

All I want to do….. is love you

All I really want to do is
All I really want to do is
All I really want to do is love you and love you and love you

Come a little closer baby we can talk without the words
Hang a sign on the door,
“Please do not, please do not, please do not, please do not disturb”

When I lay down in the evening
All I really want to do is
When I wake up when I wake up in the morning baby
All I really want to do is


We sang it over and over again to the point that we would hurt our throat on the OOOOOooooing. It really represented us and our relationship at the time. It was just starting to stay chilly out because autumn was upon us. It became OUR SONG. Seeing as still to this day we have never had danced together it will always be our song.It was the song we walked away from the alter too. Every now and again i start singing it and my honey will do the OOOooing for me, which ALWAYS brings a smile to my face.

We fell in love with Carmel that weekend and the weather was cool enough to enjoy a nice warm sweater. That CD stayed in his car player for weeks and i know he listened to it even when i wasn’t around.

I really find it fitting to for the tittle because it opens it up to so many categories. I love cooking-DIY-travel-outdoors-animals-fertility they are all the things i want to do ooo. I am hoping to find creative ways of incorporating it into my blog.

Wake up in the morning feeling…cramps

Min, ancient Egyptian god of fertility and lettuce

Min, ancient Egyptian god of fertility and lettuce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part of me hoped it would be cramps associatedwith pregnancy since its CD50 but no i am pretty sure its my old friend AF, we have a wonderful love hate relationships. Hate her when she comes because no fetus can make it through and love it when she comes so i can start my next round of clomid. I had contact the Dr. yesterday to tell her about my progression on CD49 with no positive pregnancy test, she got back to me and told me my body was probably thrown off by the first round of clomid and so she sent in a prescription for Provera– synthetic progesterone which is actually a hormone to sustain pregnancy just a little fun fact. Looks like i wont be needing it now!

Today i love my AF because i didn’t really want to take another pill/hormone although once before when i took progesterone i had an amazing text book ovulation the next cycle. I had taken it because my period randomly lasted three weeks, well it wasn’t completely random i had wedding stress that really through me off. By the way being on your period for your wedding and honeymoon is so not fun, though it brought my husband up to speed on having to make sure we had enough tampons and always had them on us while traveling (on the plains, on the dinner cruise, on the hop on buses, sight seeing….you get the point). Wow that was a tangent—-

This cycle my medications of choice will be:

(the links below are not a scientific explanations but a fellow blogger (stirrup queens) wrote them and i think they are a very human dictation very closely related to my interpretations of the medications)

While i love that AF is here i am not really looking forward to the side effects of the clomid. I am going to try and take them at night this time to see if it helps. Anyone fellow bloggers had any effectiveness with this? I would love to hear any advice about minimizing the side effects, like the crazy PMS like moods swings and the nausea. If fact i am going to try and go on fact finding mission to try and find something so i am prepared.

I  am off and running today!



Too pee or not to pee

Last night I woke up to a screaming bladder, Itried hard to hold it in for my morning pee buttoo no avail. So I had to wait until 830am to make sure ithad beenafoul hours since the last. 

The questions is am I glowing or is it just this really bad sun burn I got on tues- wed?.. 

Its just a sun burn preg test was negative, now to tell the dr. 

Heres to the next ovulation-

Mrs. W.

Any good news?..

Every time we speak to my mother in-law she asks after all the pleasantries have passed “so do  you have any news to tell me?” ugh so frustrating since we have told her repeatedly that when we have any news we will tell her when we agree we are ready.

I bring this up because tomorrow is her birthday and so we will be taking her out for dinner, and i know the dreaded question will come up. She just cann’t seem to grasp my PCOS issues its like she is in denial that i have them, all she wants is a grand-baby by her only child. I really can empathize with her, i  just wish she would stop asking and know that when we do have something to tell her we truly will. My husband thinks that she  just really wants the privilege of the first to know, awh she probably won’t be.

Ironically enough tomorrow morning is my pregnancy test retake day, so all that is on my mind. My fingers are crossed for some good news. I am currently on CD48 so I am either preggers or my ovaries really didn’t like the clomid.  I am determined not to get to upset if the test is negative and i know my doctor  is already getting a plain of action together which is comforting me.

Here is to getting some sleep tonight anf being ok with the results.

Cheers,  Mrs. W.