Dog park fun! A short gimps into my morning~


Love being at the dog park with all three of my dogs plus the occasional visiting dog. For the past few weeks we have had my dads seeing eye dog staying with us while my dad is recovering from a spill he had that hurt his neck and arm, which makes it hard to care for Bailey (his yellow lab). Its a small vacation for Bailey he gets to go on day trips and run around with all our three dogs. We have Mia, 8 and is rott/dobe, Elsa, 5 black lab, and Gertie 3, black lab. We love our dog so much they are our furry children, and a spoiled just so.

Going to the dog park is an occasional treat the weather has to be right and depending on whom ever takes them they have to be willing to endure the trip to the dog park which is roughly 10-15min drive from our house. You see the dogs go nuts and a very unruly from the moment we let them out the front door until they get though the “sally port” at the dog park. My husband seems much less bothered by it than I, my blood pressure jumps up every time i have to tell them to lay down or sit or weight. Once they are corrected it only lasts but minutes and they are up and at it again.They are very intelligent dogs who know once we are off the freeway we are only minutes away and the whimpering and howling begins, yet how intelligent are they really if they wont calm down long enough for me to get there leash on so we can walk to the gaits.

Once through the gaits it is pure bliss they run and fetch the ball to much content. They look so happy running and prancing, staying close and obeying very well. As i do laps around the parks outer fence line i think why don’t i do this every morning. Besides the gas i used to get here it is free, good exercise and make the pups pooped out the rest of the day. Then back in the car which is only a mild problem is Gertie gets in first because she doesn’t want anyone else to get in and blocks them. All the tired out dogs lay down and have a nice peaceful ride home. I guess i will see if i can handle bringing them to the park later in the week alone with issues to get them out of the house and get us all some exercise.

Cheers for now,

Mrs. W.



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