Baby focus too much?

So yesterday i hung out with a good friend who is about 4 1/2 months pregnant, I am so happy for her it is exactly what she wanted. I am volunteering to through her a baby shower because she is a close sweet person and a shower will help the couple celebrate bringing a new life into the world and will also help them get some necessities they will need. I  am so excited helping plan  it because i need something fun to distract me from wanting my baby. However i am not sure a baby shower is was the best idea.

So doing idea hunting has been a lot of fun but i keep finding myself think oh i want that for my future children and that would be so cute for a baby room, or that is something i need to remember for when i am pregnant. I feel my focus has changed to baby baby baby. Which wouldn’t normally be a problem for many women but with my PCOS history a baby simply might not be in the cards for me. What if i am setting myself up for a HUGE let down, I mean a plummet into a dark sad obis?

Today I am now on CD 44 and AF still isn’t in sight. I am not sure which is more frustrating telling myself not to get excited that I could with child or that if I am not that I will have to wait even longer before i can ovulate again. I find myself thinking that the little symptoms are that I am pregnant but those same symptoms are also synonymous with AF or pre-PMS. Ahhh I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment but I would be so bliss full and so would my husband. Some amazing news would be very suiting now. I am not sure how women can do this for years its only been about 8 months and I am already feeling a little baby crazy.

Anyone made it through or have some suggestions?


Mrs. W.


3 thoughts on “Baby focus too much?

  1. I was diagnosed with PCOS 5 years and I’ve struggled with weight gain, atrocious hair growth and unpleasant moods. However, with the support of a loving spouse, family and friends your journey towards having a baby is a possibility. You must always seek answers to your questions, see a specialist, join forums online, look in your local community for a support group. There is so much support for you out there. The desire to have a baby for you may be so strong, but do not neglect the rest of the good that is in your life (I did that for a while). All the very best to you and yours! 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice I will start looking for support groups in my area hopefully there is one near by my small town. You are very right about neglecting the other good things in my life I have been guilty of that lately. I am trying very hard to be happy for all the things in my life.

      • Nothin’ wrong with getting a bit sidetracked in life, it’s only natural. I hope you’re able to find a support group. You’re most welcome to e-mail me, I’d be happy to offer any support I can as I completely understand the struggle of PCOS. Wish you the best! 🙂

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