Any good news?..

Every time we speak to my mother in-law she asks after all the pleasantries have passed “so do  you have any news to tell me?” ugh so frustrating since we have told her repeatedly that when we have any news we will tell her when we agree we are ready.

I bring this up because tomorrow is her birthday and so we will be taking her out for dinner, and i know the dreaded question will come up. She just cann’t seem to grasp my PCOS issues its like she is in denial that i have them, all she wants is a grand-baby by her only child. I really can empathize with her, i  just wish she would stop asking and know that when we do have something to tell her we truly will. My husband thinks that she  just really wants the privilege of the first to know, awh she probably won’t be.

Ironically enough tomorrow morning is my pregnancy test retake day, so all that is on my mind. My fingers are crossed for some good news. I am currently on CD48 so I am either preggers or my ovaries really didn’t like the clomid.  I am determined not to get to upset if the test is negative and i know my doctor  is already getting a plain of action together which is comforting me.

Here is to getting some sleep tonight anf being ok with the results.

Cheers,  Mrs. W.


2 thoughts on “Any good news?..

  1. My mother in law was the same way after we first got married. I just started crying every time she asked and she eventually got the hint that this was actually harder on us than it was on her. 🙂 My fingers are crossed for your test tomorrow.

    • Maybe I should try to cry, she started asking literally 3 months after we started dating. I am going to practice patience with her today!

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