Uterus spring cleaning

I am pretty sure my uterus did some deep cleaning yesterday and today, it was pretty painful. Maybe this means it’s ready for a summer visitor, because I sure am. Tomorrows day one of clomid so I am trying to prepare and zen my soul. Even visualizing becoming pregnant.


9 thoughts on “Uterus spring cleaning

    • Yeah I am doing 3-7 on 100 mg clomid this cycle with ultrasound check on day 16. So today I am going to start its bitter sweet excited to star not looking forward to mood swings..

      • Im still on the day 5-9 50mg and I think I have had every side effect and created a few new ones.The crying jags are the worst though,irritating and embarrassing!
        Fingers crossed that this will be the last cycle,but every step forward is one closer to baby…good luck!

      • Seriously with the side effects I hear ya. Before I did the first round I went on forums to see what others had gone through, a lot said it was mild to nothing. I am feeling rare because I got them alllll.. I am even go to see the eye dr to make sure my eyes are still ok cuz I thought my sight really dropped off, I was super focusing on things on the tv and road signs. It wasn’t till a week ago I read some other blogs where they had blurry vision. Good luck at 50mg, , many have had it work for them.

  1. hi there
    wish you the best luck me and my wife are trying and we are actualy at cycle 8 ..i personaly want 3-4 child but i just take thing as they are comming …we “hug” a lot but no stress on my side ..my wife is getting psyco tho..(shes getting old….thats what she say..not even 30 years old).lol..we should remember that we have about 25% of chance to get pregnant avery ovulation and this is not “cumulative” body is capricious it can take long.. (why people who should not have or dont want kids get pregnant so easyly and those like us who deserve it and want it have so much trouble …mistery) ..most important thing is love, take it easy as long as you and your husban share the same goal .. πŸ˜›

    thanks for the share , in the next few week i will post a lot of article related to pregnancy feel free to take a look now and then

    p.s. sorry for my english im born somewhere between germany and french canada ..and its friday 1am πŸ˜›

    have a nice day


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