Positively going to conceive With Disney

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I have been looking for things to help lower my stress and who knew Disney has a TTC website??

Check it out…




CD 5 on clomid and things are as bad as last month I take the pills at about 8pm which I believe is really helping. I have had some hot flashes and blurry vision but pretty calm otherwise. The calm is kinda strange it’s like i am medicate. I have done my visualization and positive thinking everyday which has been interestingly enough calming and helping keep my stress level down. 

Big test of stress control will be tomorrow when the whole family (my side of the family) are getting together for my dads birthday. He thinks it will be his last ahh drama queen! Well my sister will be there with all five of her kids which is usually a circus act, one is always mad/happy/sad/tired/distracted. I think I will try and stay out of it all and keep to my husband and self for the dinner.

I made my follicle ultrasound appointment today it’s for Cd16 because my cycles have been on the longer side, the dr wants to make sure she is measuring the follicle size accurately and ovulation prediction.

And the journey continues,

Mrs. W


2 thoughts on “Positively going to conceive With Disney

  1. Good luck for the family get together…as much as we love them,they can be trying at times.I usually just hide with the little kids,they keep me distracted and all the adults tend to stay away from them 😉

    • dinner wasn’t horrible just a bit unorganized and i tried to lay low with the kids so things worked out for the best! Thanks

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