Facebook diagnosed with PCOS

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Who would of thought that Facebook has so many PCOS pages it’s a very public forum and all my friends and family would see my posts so I won’t be posting much there instead i will keep my blog sphere on topic with what i find.

I found this product called Insulite, it looks promising?? Has anyone ever had any experience with it? There PCOS pills have chasty berry and flax seed which i have read mixed reviews about taking while TTC.

It claims to reverse PCOS, here is the link: http://pcos.insulitelabs.com/Insulite-PCOS-System.php

The next page i found was mother of pearls PCOS on facbook she also has a blog called motherofpearlspcos.org.

She is focusing on the Paleo Diet which clams to help fight the symptoms of PCOS, she refers to this site http://robbwolf.com/what-is-the-paleo-diet/meal-plans-shopping-guides/. Looking though its not all that Diet looking really just simple wholefood meals. Considering that we are trying to conceive and thus eating healthy this might work. I tend to lack the staying power for most diets and when i get PMS symptom or neg test results i get into a bad funk of eating poorly.

Anyone tried this diet?



3 thoughts on “Facebook diagnosed with PCOS

  1. I cant speak for everyone with PCOS but I tried the chaste berry and flax seed..also did the whole pumpkin seed juice routine to help get rid of the abundance of cysts I had and none of them worked for me. Im still looking though and hopefully one day there will be a break through.Im currently doing the PCOS diet but as its not really compatible with my blood type,it isnt helping all that much in the weight loss part of things.

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