The big O really

Truth #5

Truth #5 (Photo credit: Selbe B)

Can it be true am I really ovulating? This morning my ovulation predictor was really close to having two equally pink lines…. Then at my CD16 follicle check there it was a “giant” (to me) follicle about a size 23.7. My face lit up when I saw it, it was my first. My utErus lining was great too. I am sure that this good news was how some people feel when they find out they are pregnant. I was elated it may be very possible that I can get pregnant this cycle, whoa. I am even having cramping on my right side. Today felt so good, finally good news for a nice positive change.

Still doing the positive thinking and visualization technique. Slight bad news is that I gained 3 pounds in 45 days.ahhhhh I was doing so well going down. I have heard of others gaining 10+ lbs on clomid, so I am positively spinning it that I did well.

If I get another positive the next two days it’s real I am really going to ovulate this cycle. Even better is that if I have a next cycle then I can do a trigger shot, if another cycle I get to do IUI. I love having a plan easies my anxiety.

To celibrate we DTD then we went rafting down the American river. My good friend her bump, her husband, my husband, and my niece all floated all day it was nice to soak up some rays.

I was thinking of taking mucinex to help get my juices flowing, I am not sure if I am going to do it yet? Any opinions?

3 thoughts on “The big O really

  1. if you see even a pale line then its time to hug 5 times a day for 5 days 😛
    day 16 pale line realy? lutheal phase ? maby your lutheal phase is tho short?

    young dad

    • you should be ovulating “for real” 24-36h after your 2 plain lines depending on your cycle lenght i guess ..its somehow to short..i dont folow your blog since a long time so..its my “young dad opinion” 🙂 i will take some time to read all of your article in the next days


      young dad

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