Ruff waters in TTC

So last few days (2) have been ruff between me and my husband. Has the pressure of making a baby finally gotten to us. We have had a huge blow up then a crash and burn out. Here is my side of things, I was on such a high on Monday finally a positive on the ovulation test, dr said that there was a nice ripe egg ready to burst out. The news couldn’t of been better. When I got home and told the hubby I was like we need to do the deed, with a little resistance from him but we went and got it done in a very timely fashion. It was very necessary  to be timely and quite because we where leaving to go floating down the American river and my niece was staying with us. It was a very nice time floating from 1230-630.

Day two,48 hours post positive OPK (yeah). You are supposed to time it out every 24 hours. So I ask the hubby are you ready… His answer NO, I am tired. ahhhhhhhh so utterly frustrating. Understanding that we had a busy day the day before I gave him some Time to rest. 5hrs later, how about now? Dragging his feet the whole way we attempted but no completion. 12 hours from the 24 hour mark a fair bit of yelling  and fight about my frustration and extreme disappointment and with much luring we finally got it done. We made up from the fighting and relaxed till we fell asleep.

I am really feeling like I put a lot of work into getting to this point and its his turn to do his part and he is dragging his feet. Not only that but where is enthusiasm, there was not fore thought coming from him. I get that he is tired but its time there is no way around it that its time. Honestly i feel bad for him not being able to fallow through but there is no time for a petty party we both have to suck it up and take care of what is needed.

24 hours from the completion of the last deed which is  84hours from positive OPK and dr appointment. Are you ready i ask… response no! arghh really really i just couldn’t hold back my frustration and disappointment. But i did so i could get him to at least try, but trying didn’t work. I asked is there was anything we could try different and we tried different positions but it didn’t happen. So i thought lets take a break have dinner relax a bit more then come back to it. He agreed so we did. As we relaxed he started to drift asleep. Mind you i knew he was tired earlier in the day so i lured him into a nap. Well as we made it to the bedroom his content for the deed was ever so present and i just could take it anymore. He slept in another room and we didn’t speak till the next evening, i was too disappointed. I still am hurt and upset it was finally our shot and we may have blown it not to mention the stress on me wasn’t going to help the situation.

I truly feel bad for telling him how disappointed in him i am, i feel like i shouldn’t of told him that but at the same time i feel like he needed to know. Has TTC gotten the best of us.

I know we will recover from this but it wasn’t good timing. I have read about many couples experiencing the same thing but it seems like you are not supposed to talk about it, well i am. Its not pretty but its real.


Mrs. Wuestewald


5 thoughts on “Ruff waters in TTC

  1. I’m sorry, honey. It sounds like you are doing all the right things to me. You’ve been patient and open to trying new things, but more importantly, you are communicating with your hubby. It’s hard to do the baby dance on command, especially when you’re tired (hell, I’ve been there!). On the other hand, it’s hard to put sooo much effort into preparing for ovulation and then not feel supported by your partner when it actually comes time to make a baby. All you can do now is talk about what happened (as openly and lovingly as possible), and see if — together as a couple — you’ve learned anything from the experience.

    In the end, you got ‘er done.

    Let’s hope this is your month!

  2. Im sorry,its so hard on the relationship when your battling to conceive and your right,people dont talk about it enough.My hubby and I went through a stage where my idea of foreplay was me telling him to hurry up and get me pregnant…not the most romantic of moments. It gets better though,so try hang in there and keep the lines of communication open with your hubby.

    Not the best time but I nominated you for an award.…igure-this-out/

    • Is am guilty of the same foreplay, I do try other things too but sometimes it’s still… Ok it’s time so let’s get it done.

      Thanks for the nomination I will check it out now.

      • I can look back now at my so called attempts at seduction and laugh but the sad reality is sex just isnt fun anymore when your worrying that your going to hit a bullseye…I swear,romance has no place in baby making!

  3. I think every couple with TTC issues goes through this! My advise is to talk with him when it’s not around ovulation about how it sucks to be “on-call” but it’s necessary. Then make CERTAIN you have sex throughout the month so that he feels that it’s really love driving the outcome. It’s hard…trust me, after 6 years of TTC I get it!

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