10 DPO nerves

So I haven’t been sure what to post this week. Today is 10dpo I have been told I could test tomorrow but it may be to early. I am so nervous to test this cycle. For the first time I don’t feel like I am remotely pregnant ( not even sure if I would know). Besides some sore nipples and strang gas I don’t have anything going on. This is cd26 and AF isn’t expected for at least 8 days.

Tomorrow I have a job interview that is a 45min commute, which is not impressing me and I really don’t want to go but I will. I did however find a posting for a job that would be a dream job for me. It would be extremely life fulfilling. I am nervous though because it is not the field or even closely related to thE field I have been working in for the last 4 years. I am going to try for it though.

On a sad note on of our “babies” have gone missing our youngest cat baby “tut” has been missing now for two days which is extremely unlike him. He was my hubbies buddy, so it’s been hardest on him. It is the second cat of ours to go missing, about a year apart. They are  totally missing no trace. We went to the shelter today to take a look for him, it broke my heart. I wanted to take them all home with me. You can really tell that they used to be someone’s baby. Breaks my heart to know they could be missing and may get put down soon. Ugh tearing up just writing about it! I prayed today that tut would come game tomorrow and I am trying so hard to stay positive for us both.


5 thoughts on “10 DPO nerves

  1. I’m so happy Tut came home! Sounds like a bad weekend all around for pets. I hope you stay distracted in the next few days and that testing comes in quivkly and brings good news!

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