Emotional PCOS rollercoaster of life

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The last two weeks where not all that great for me, between the fighting with my husband to our youngest fur baby lost for two days to today when I got a BFN and AF in the same day.

I haven’t posted much lately just because my mother always inforced in me that if you don’t have something positive to say why say anything at all? Well it’s just been a bit of a low time for me. I am truly thankful that nothing seriously bad has happened in my life, I am even more grateful our fur baby tut came home unharmed. We even had a nice half day at the lake where we both got a bit too much sun but the dogs had a blast swimming for the ball.

Starting about seven days ago I started to have mild cramps  which is very unusual for me. I have never had cramps other than cd1 of any cycle of my life. I knew this could be implantation cramps which is very normal. The cramps continued all week, they were never that bad. In fact I would be happy to have those cramps as my period cramps always. Besides the cramps I didn’t feel pregnant not that I would know what that feels like. I have been tired the last three days and food hasn’t been all that appealing.

Friday I had the interview with the recruiter, which was the worst interview of my life. To  quickly sum it up I was late because my navigator told me the wrong location even though left plenty early. So the interviewer had already judge me! It just got worse and worse she said she will check my references and get back to me! I beat myself up for a moment then told myself what is meant to be will be. There is another job outside my field that I got my eye and really excites me.

This is going to sound very liberal and maybe a little bit crazy but Right now I am trying to let life guid me, I am trying to be open to new avenues. I want not force my wants instead try and see if my direction of career should be in a new arena. Oprah said once that you have to be open to the whispers around you, and if you are lucky you will hear them when they are just soft whispers. Well I am open and I am listening for them.

Now back to reproduction talk, I tested last night and this morning both negative. Boo! Then this afternoon I started cramping worse and then stared spotting.  So I sent the dr a email to send in my script for clomid. It’s good that we already have a plan for this month. Clomid days 3-7, Then ultrasound cd16, if follicle is measuring 21cm I get a trigger shot! Excited to try again, sad to have to try again. Fingers crossed no more weight gain!

My plane is to talk with my husband tonight and have heart to heart, I love him and want him to be my partner in life and i need to let him know how i exactly I am needing his support.

A new moths is about to begin and anew cycle is starting a fresh beginning!


Mrs. W

7 thoughts on “Emotional PCOS rollercoaster of life

  1. I’m sorry you have been so down lately. It is always hard to muster up the excitement for a new cycle. I hope you feel like you can share the negative stuff with us, that’s why we are here, to support you in bad times and congratulate you in the good.

  2. You are sounding so wonderfully positive. I am glad to see that you ahve your plan. AS you can see that the little egg really wanted to be there this month, and I’m sure it will appear again soon.

    It even takes people, who ovulate perfectly 6 – 12 months to get it right, so just hang in there!

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