I had a baby dream

Last night i had a dream…. We had a baby it was months old but then it could walk and singing along to a DVD. Random I know but it is the first time I dreament of use having a child. It really really made me happy I felt like it may be a sign that we are on the right path and that one day we will have one.

Today is cd10 and I was supposed to OPK this AM but I flub it all up. First I forgot then I was like oh shoot and was able to get a small bit more pee out only to then drop the cup as I reached for the OPKs. It’s not prefect but it is what it is.  Today we start doing the deed every other day.. Sounds simple right?.. No clomid has been drying me out and making it really uncomfortable  so attempt one not so great.

I have been reading a lot about women’s taking mucinex to thin out there mucus so starting tomorrow I am going to start taking it so it will be in my system for ovulation. This should help with the deed and getting the spermatids to the top of my tubes. I haven’t read much about  it doing more harm than good.

Last night was nice and quite fourth of July, we stayed home got some KFC and where able to watch several firework shows from just outsiDe our house, bonus to live in flat farm country.

Mrs. W


3 thoughts on “I had a baby dream

  1. I have baby dreams sometimes, and sometimes pregnancy dreams. They’re always different, sometimes beautiful, sometimes frightening.
    You could try preseed for the dryness, if you can get it in your area. Maybe purchase online?

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