Starting a new again

Curve ball, down and out

Have you missed me? I have been pretty hit and miss on postings lately. I must apologies I just haven’t been feeling all myself, today. Is a new day. I am not going to let a the hormons or the unanswered wishes get the best of me. Many of posts were started but none published, I have been keeping up on the reader, not many comments but some likes.

I am not going to hide the fact that I am struggling right now. Life has gotten the better of me and I am a bit lost to figure out what my role is and how I fit in.  Life has thrown me  a few curve balls and now I just need to figure out how I am goingto hit them out the park.

So this cycle was a complete wash for me , being that my last cycle was the first that I probably had a true ovulation with a rip follicle, I was planing to have another ripe ova this cycle. Well that would just be to easy now wouldn’t it! Clomid defiantly not very friendly to me I was feeling all the side effects. Those sideffects combined with the facts that I didn’t get a BFP was just cruel.

Oh the tears but for happy things, I found myself crying because others where having good things happen for them this was a first for me. I don’t cry over stuff unless it’s a goodbye,goodbyes always get me. Sort of surprising was i shed no tears this cycle after either of the ultrasounds. Both showed no promising follicle sizes, a few small ones and one medium 17mm. Bummed out but the dr. Decided to change things up and try out femara. It was a little bit surprising but I think she was trying to avoid upping my clomid to 150 mg , because IUI would be needed at that level. I was kinda looking forward to the next step with IUI, but femara looks just as promising.

I am not sure which was worse the TWW with a neg or the fact that this cycle is a wash with no real hope for a BFP. I am also bummed because without the ovulation my cycle will probably long which means the next chance is going to be longer than I would like. With all that said let the journey continue…

New medication regiment:

Metformin non sustaine release 2000 (highest I have ever taken)

FamAra 2.5 mg (first time use) days 3-7.


6 thoughts on “Starting a new again

  1. Mrs. Wuestewald- I can relate with how you are feeling. It’s ok to feel down sometimes, I too have those days. Plus all the meds don’t help much. I too start Femara this month. FX for us both. hugs.

  2. Nice to see your back for abit,even if your feeling alittle blue..big hugs and hope it all picks up with the new meds. Im also having probs with the Clomid but my doc has given me a reprieve so no meds for at least one cycle (small mercies but yay!!).If you find out ways to relieve the symptoms, Im all ears.

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