Another cool summer day

Its is an amazing cool summer day pretty unheard of for mid July around these parts. I have gotten some home chores droning mainly cleaning the never ending cycle of cleaning.
Metformin…. Love to hate it these days, since I upped my metformin to 2000mg per day, starting last week which means my hind gut is not a happy camper. I did a small bit of research yesterday on metformin and was slightly shocked at what I found.
Studies have shown that it doesn’t help with fertility when combined with clomid the out comes where about the same in studies where clomid on its own and met itself and then a third group where they took both. I am kinda in shock because I was very much under the belief that it’s was better when in combination.
These days I really am not a fan of the metformin side effects and really want to stop taking it, but there is that part of me that thinks that I could use any help I can get. But my quality of life may be being effected more than I like. What if I continue on this route for the next year+ knock on would it doesn’t happen. But what if? I am not sure if this is great for my quality of life. Anyone else faced this delima?
This is the first time in the last few cycles where I am wanting AF to visit me I am very excited to be off the clomid this round and start fermera.
Mrs. Wuestewald


5 thoughts on “Another cool summer day

  1. How did you find Clomid and Fermera? My doctor wants me to try Metfomin before Clomid. I haven’t touched it yet, I don’t feel like my body is in the place to be pushed just yet. I think by the end of the year I’ll give it a go but the side effects and just generally the thought of putting it in me makes me go :-/

    • Really I don’t like any side effects from the met and from the clomid. The side effects from the clomid was worst than anything the metformin has ever made me feel. The metformin didn’t bother me too much till I got to the 1500mg dose. In fact when I first took the met at 500mg I barely noticed anything at all. I think at this point I am willing to suffer a little to get the chance of getting a BFP, but lately I have been having my doubts of what my boby can handle. As for fermera I haven’t started it yet waiting for AF will keep you posted once I try it.cheers, mrs. W.

  2. Hey Mrs. W,
    They had a section on this in the Big Beautiful and Pregnant book I think (or maybe it was mixed into a website I read somewhere). I didn’t read it too thoroughly because…it didn’t apply to me but it took up a few pages. If I remember right, Metformin had something to do with insulin helping maintain the hormone balance achieved by Clomid. (Don’t quote me on that). Anyways…maybe you should buy/borrow the book. I liked it.

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