Feeling Metformin is becoming normal

Some days are fine somedays not so fine, I can see the correlation of what I eat. Some of my favorites like chipotle are not agreeing with me these days. It’s been funny because my appetite has been shrunk (which according to my weight may not be such a bad thing). I can’t seem to eat as much either, but then it feels like I am weak and my blood sugar is low.  I am treating it like a trial phasse to see what sets me off.

Luckiamute Falls

Some days I think why am I doing this to myself and is this worth it? The answer always comes back to the realization of how much I would love to enjoy our baby. I do have thoughts of what if it never happens, should we be looking into adoption more, and am I becoming diabetic. These are just my fears coming forward.

On another topic, I found a job posting for a dream job I would love to have. Strangingly I am feeling discouraged about even getting the application together. I think I am afraid the the outcome of possibly bein a let down. I really don’t want to live my life in fear of let’s down to the point where I am even afraid to try for things I want.

This journey is really taking ahold of my life, more than I realize at times. I want to be proud when I look back on journey, maybe I should start looking at it more carefully from that point of view. I know the only way I can sleep easier is knowing I am trying everything to the  best of my ability.

Just my thoughts for this afternoon!


Mrs. W


8 thoughts on “Feeling Metformin is becoming normal

  1. Just remember, you baby will be worth that wait & all the insanity you’ve had to endure. You’ll be a better mom because of it. Xo

  2. Metformin definitely lets me know when I’ve eaten correctly and when I haven’t. It has changed my appetite somewhat, but I haven’t lost weight on it like some people do. I feel hungry often, but can only eat a little bit at one time. So I look like I’m pigging all day, when I’m only managing a few bites each time.

  3. I constantly wonder why Im putting myself,my body and my marriage through all this…then I see a baby and wish so desperatley it was mine and I have the determination again!
    Apply for the job.The worst thing that can happen is you dont get it and really,its not the WORST thing in the world right?:)

  4. Agree with Displaced Housewife… go for the job. Metformin seems to react with different stuff all the time for me so it is always an adventure.

    Keep pushing forward!

  5. Oh goodness. I tried taking metformin for 3 years. I was fine taking it once a day and trying to build up but the second I started taking two pills a day any carbs I ate would run right through me. It was awful. Im glad to see it is suiting you a little better.

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