Blood test results in….

So I had my blood work done to check my micro nutirents levels cuz I was feeling pretty crudy and starting to worry myself. RESults where that my  vitamin D levels we really low and my blood sugar was up not extremely high  but not in a good range at all. My vitamin D was an easy fix I am taking supplement twice a day. Now my blood glucose levels have me freaked out! My doctors just says diet and exercise more, ugh. Why why why does it have to be another bad thing? Oh PCOS you are clearly not a nice friend.

So back to working out more and eating a low sugar diet. Why do I feel like I am always fighting an up hill battle? I am pretty sure I have had PCOS since I hit puberty and have always had to watch my food and exercise. While others around me don’t seem to have the same struggles. Enough with the whoa is me, it really could be worse and I am thankfully for that. I just need to start stepping up my game, I really would like to lose 30 pounds before I get pregnant, I am going to start focusing moor on that goal and less on all the fertility stress. The rollercoaster of fertility meds. I really whish I could lose weight trust me I have tried, I really want to know how other PCOS cycsters do it?..

So I hit the gym pool the last two days day one nice pregnant lady came and spoke to me ughhh jealousy only peaked a little that I wish it was me too. Then yesterday during my morning swim another pregnant lady, it was her first and she was one of those pregnant lady’s that even other pregnant ladies love to hate because she had barly and weight gain and hardly any stretches marks. She was showing it off too in her two piece!  Luckily during my night swim yesterday no babies in sight.

Today I am off to one of my college freinds husbands bday party, my hubby is coming thanks god because besides my friend and her husband I will know no one else. She is three months along so I am happy to see her progress. She is not excited yet though because she miscarried at three months in January. 

Next weekend is my other closest friends baby shower she is having a girl so I am very happy for her! But not sure how my emotions are going to hold up. 

It’s going to be an interesting week! Oh still waiting for AF on CD 33, afraid it’s going to be a long cycle.


4 thoughts on “Blood test results in….

  1. I’m in the same boat as you. Trying to get this weight down and PCOS makes it difficult. I’ve been trying a variety of different recipes so I don’t get bored. And swimming like you, plus some bike riding and couch to 5k. It’s a tough road but I do believe, like you, that for fertility, we gotta keep trying to figure this out!

  2. Its not really the same but I know it can be hard seeing babies and pregnant ladies everywhere when you just want it to be you. I cried a few times during the last year of my degree because we “couldn’t” start trying yet and I wanted it sooo bad. I don’t cry much at all.
    I kept seeing cousins and friends posting pics of their bumps and their newborns and it was driving me crazy. I had to take a hiatus from facebook because it seemed like there was at least one announcement a day for a while.

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