AF hunger anyone

So I have been noticing a pattern in the las eight months my appetite drops off completely just before AF gets here, then AF is here and I NEED to eat. Not always especially when the cramps are present. Those cramps force me to eat just so I can take some pain pills.
Anyone else deal with this delima? I want to keep to a diet but man right now the urges are winning out.
These are just some random thoughts I was having, I have looked up the eating pattns and they are completely normals and some research says you can eat more calories during your flow because your body is burning them, but in my case I need to burn more all the time.
Have a great day today!
Mrs W.


4 thoughts on “AF hunger anyone

  1. I struggle with that too. So I try to eat healthier foods when that happens, but sometimes nothing replaces a chocolate milkshake.

  2. I say eat! You got 3 weeks to do the diet thing, and 1 week to not go fully overboard, but soothe your cramps. When AF arrives for me, I want to eat and; of course, it is all the bad things; chocolate, diet pepsi, etc.

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