Next cycle has begone

So happy today AF showed up! Strange it was out of nowhere, just bam! I am happy because I thought it was going to be another long cycle.
I have been thinking a lot about my health and how aware of any health issues I have. I don’t dwell on them pre say but I do want to change it and fix what I can before it gets more out of hand.seems like the typical fix is more diet and exercise….. Time to stop fighting it and do it, I will be a better person health and all.
This week I am surrounded my pregnant friends but I am handle it pretty well so far.
I am excited to start a new drug, so far from everything I have read say fermera won’t be nearly that strong of side effects. Here goes nothing!
Another good thi gs the weather has been pretty tolerable this summer.
Cheers all,
Mrs W.


3 thoughts on “Next cycle has begone

  1. I have the hardest time making myself work out. I hate it. It just isn’t my thing. But even just going for walks makes me feel so much better the rest of the time. I have even gotten better balance and can go up stairs without getting completely winded. It sounds like small things, but it feels good. I still hate doing the actual sweaty part though.

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