Trying a new diet

Original Slim Fast label

For  the first time I am going to try the slim fast diet, I am hoping to see some small result. At this point even 5lbs wouldbake me feel good seems so small that would be a huge feet for me.

I am worried that my blood pressure may be getting out of hand and for no real reason. So diet and exercise and exercise and diet.

Anyone else toyed this with and success? I will alsobe on 2000 mg metformin and vitaminD3 2000iu.

Starting tonight is the fermera 2.5mg fingers crossed I see some results. I would really like some good knees this cycle, something positive to keep me motivated. It would also give me positive affirmation that I am on the right track in this TTC journey.  Does anyone else get to points where they need a little positive sign? If so where do you find your signs?

PIE will keep you all current  if the slim fast helps at all!


Mrs. W.


4 thoughts on “Trying a new diet

  1. Good Luck! I never really did slim fast. I have tried their shakes on occasion but never anything regular. If it works for you, let me know!

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