CD1 cycle 10 boo

Ok so I could just tell I wasn’t pregnant this time, but I do know I ovulated. I am not sad right now just anxious that IVF  which we can’t afford is getting closer. I messaged my ob for this moths fermera script, she mention IUI this cycle. Before this would be excited but all I can think about is what happens when it doesn’t work? When will the cut me off label me as infertile and send me to the RE that is out of pock and probably out of reach for us. This could all just be my anxiety taking over.

In other news I have been seriously been considering getting my masters in  counseling, wow it’s a commitment and a lot of money. Money seems to be an ever going defficancy.

I really hope a baby is in my future I am longing to be a mother and bring joy and guidance to a loving soul. 

Whats next 

Metformin 2000mg

Fermera 25mg for day 3-7

US on CD15

Trigger shot  and IUI if follicle is of ripening size

My apologies for such few post lately just not sure what to put in my posts!


Mrs. W.



2 thoughts on “CD1 cycle 10 boo

  1. Good luck as you move forward. I know it’s no picnic and seems like its never going to happen. Just try to stay positive (I know it’s hard), but that is the only thing stopping me from going crazy right now.

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