TTC’ers posed question RE or OB

Currently I have been seeingAmy OBGYN for my fertility treatments. Which I am generally happy with the degree of treatment. Recently I spoke with a family friend who has undergone  similar treatment That I currently seeking. She says I need to switch the the RE. Which would be fine but, our insurance only covers 50% of treatments at the RE. She has the exact same insurrance. While the treatments are very similar the RE treatments will probably be More detail oriented when compared to my OB, meaning more bloodwork and HSG and possibly more.

As I write this I am posing the question out to other TTC‘ers what they would do in my position.

On one hand I could just be worried that we are not taking aggressive enough actions, on the other hand maybe I am just impatient.

While writing this post I am starting to think if this is what we want am I just letting money get between what we want? My hubby says we are being money conscious.

What would you do?


9 thoughts on “TTC’ers posed question RE or OB

  1. Does the OB monitor you throughout the cycle, offer medications to help stimulate follicles and egg growth, talk to you about the hormone levels? I think what I’ve gotten most from the RE has been the information on how things change throughout the cycle and the feeling of knowing that things are happening as they should, on schedule. Or the times when things aren’t happening on schedule. If the OB offers the same stuff and is more cost effective for you, go for it.

    • She only monitors me via ultra sound to check for follicle growth. She also prescribes scripts and will preform IUI this cycle. I think the key is monitoring via some blood work at different stages of the cycle may be more helpfull in knowing what is going on.

      • I agree with that. Knowing how your hormones are through the entire cycle is very helpful. In case something isn’t progressing as it should or if you get over stimulated on Clomid or other drugs. I loved the REs info even though I complained about the visits all the time.

  2. If you are having any fertility treatments you should be under the care of an RE!!! I find OB/GYN’s who treat patients for fertility are not doing the right by them…you wouldnt go to a foot doctor if you had chest pains…its the same premise…the role of the ob/gyn is to help you stay pregnant while an RE is to get you pregnant!!!

  3. I was posed with the same issue, RE or OB. My husband and I had a serious talk about it, and since we are both “older”, we decided if it’s truly meant to be, it will be done without the RE. It was also fear, in my mind, I didn’t want someone telling me I was infertile, after going thru the extensive testing – that just scared me. I truly believe it will happen when it’s suppose to. I am 37, we have been trying just shy of 2 years, I have had 3 miscarriages, and there were times, when I didn’t think it was going to happen. We were going to give up at the end of this year. Now, we are at 11 wks, I am taking daily progesterone (which is the reason I lost the 3 before). Please have faith, take care of yourself, find whatever you need to keep your stress at bay, and keep on trying. Even though I don’t know you, I think about you often, and pray for a successful pregnancy. Also, trust your gut… if your gut says go with RE, go with RE, if not, keep doing what you are doing.

    • Thanks so much, i am of the same mind set. I think my fears can get to me at times. Congrats on 11weeks i just read your post.I too am on progesterone now so maybe this cycle will work. I will post more on it soon. Thanks for your encouragement it means the world since only several people in my daily life know what i am going through. Hearing from those in the same fertility boat makes me feel sane. Cheers-

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