1year no pregnancy

So it has been one year of TTC. It is a very unwanted anniversary. I am not sure what to think about it, i have seen so many others whom journeys is much longer but i felt i needed to share with someone. My heart is all a mess, trying to stay positive and keep moving forward yet also trying to not let myself feel so hopeful and then let down. I know i still have more options and i have not come to any ends in the road but it is a daunting milestone in the same.

This month seems so busy for us, probably the busiest this year. We have meetings for foster to adopt, i start my master program, its also my big 29th birthday at the end. Once my bday passes tiss the seasons begins and our first wedding anniversary. It is going to be a whirl wind of events and all i can think about is TTC during it all. Stress i am sure will be high so controlling that is a must.

By the end of the month my friend will probably have her baby, and then the next week i will be at a baby shower for my other closest friend. I cant help but feel like i am TTC by my self now i have no buddy to call about my CM or OPK’s. Though they are both trying to be as supportive as they can. But i notice a change when couples gt pregnant nearly instantly they aren’t interested in hanging out with all there old childless friends and flock to those with children. It hurts and saddens me because though i have not had a child myself i have good kid experience and  helpful hints. I also like to research for my future children so i am up to speed on all the latest recalls and good buys. I  hope i wont be the same, but oh wait nearly all my friends have or will have babies already.


7 thoughts on “1year no pregnancy

  1. I’m sorry =( Sucky anniversary. You have been on a long road and have every right to feel frustrated, exhausted, and damn it, you deserve a little pity party. And especially with friends popping out kids, and then feeling like they can’t really relate to you anymore =\ I really hope your journey moves on to the next phase (pregnancy) soon. I know all we can see is where we’ve been… when we look forward to where we are going it’s just a zero visibility fog.

  2. Wishing you all the best. It sounds contrite, but it could happen anytime, maybe when you’re least focusing on it. Or it could take a lot of work and planning and good timing. You’ll get there 😦

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