1st RE appt what do I ask

Tomorrow will be my consultation (1st appointment) and I want to reach out to all my fellow bloggers about what I should be asking or expecting for the new dr. ? I tend to get intimidated by dr.s I feel they should be the experts so I want to listen. With that said I know you have to be your own advocate, and we are at the point in our journey that we are wanting to take an aggressive approach.

i am open to all suggestions.


Mrs. W


6 thoughts on “1st RE appt what do I ask

  1. Make sure all of your previous records have been sent to the dr so he/she has time to look over them before your apt. Other than that, ask her step by step how she sees your treatment going, what kind of things she’ll be looking for, if anything was missed in the evaluation and treatment you’ve already received, and cost. I don’t know what else, that’s all I can think of for now šŸ™‚ Good luck at the first apt!

    • Good point i don’t know if she has my records yet or not i signed the consent but not sure if she has them yet. I will ask first thing. Oh and the costs, i am scared to ask about how much everything will be. I was told by my OB that things will cost more at the RE because insurance doesn’t cover as much at the RE versus the OB’s same treatment. Thanks

  2. I second auntmimi. Usually the RE will look over the records they have and ask you questions about previous treatments, how are your periods, do you ever miss any, what concerns do you have about your cycle. They might even do an internal ultrasound – I got one at my consultation appt – to see how things look on their end. The dr will discuss possible treatments for you situation and let you ask questions and voice concerns about procedures/medicines. I like to listen and then ask. So I had her do all the talking and then asked follow up questions if I didn’t understand. That’s the important part- if you don’t understand what she’s telling you, don’t leave the office. Make sure you know exactly what they want you to do and be sure you’ve told the RE what you want to do. If you want to go straight to IUIs with Clomid, tell the dr. Whatever it is that you are feeling you want to do, let the RE know so that they can be on the same page as you. GOOD LUCK

    • Oh my i haven’t shaved my legs for an examine i will get on that asap. I didn’t think they would do one but if it happened to you my luck will be that i have one too. Good point about telling her i want to got straight to IUI’s because i have already had two and would like at least one more consecutively. Thanks

  3. Definitely make a list and have it with you when you first talk to the Dr. We met with him first in the office, and then I had my exam. The main question I think is helpful is what are the first couple of steps and what is their timeline? For instance, when I first went in, the first step was to add one oral medication to lower my testosterone. That was a 3-month time-frame. After that was regulated, it was Femara to try and make me ovulate. Dr. C. goes by a 3-attempts plan. We try each treatment 3 times, and then move up to the next level if it is unsuccessful. Knowing what the next step will be if the current thing doesn’t work out is the one thing that helps me the most to get through this process. Here are the links to a couple of my blog posts from when I had my first appointment, in case there’s something helpful in there. Good luck! šŸ™‚

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