RE says what?

Ok yesterday (11/9)was the first appointment  with the RE and it could be the last. I am so confused and a little disappointed .  I had thigh hopes that she would have options or plans  or an evaluation plan but no. She did offer to do an ultrasound but seeing as “I know” there wouldn’t be anything to see as I am a week away from seeing if a follicle is ripening.  Basically she gave me a slip to get my blood work checked  which was a good start. However I am going back to my OB to do another three cycles of fermera and trigger with IUI.  Unless I want to switch to injectables and pay 100% out of pocket for everything.

I am a bit confused as i thought this consult was going to go in another direction, i thought she would want to do and exam and this and that but i got the feeling she’d rather me go back to the OB for three more cycles. I  was confused about the coverage as well. My head is rather spinning.

I requested an appointment at my OB for a US this Friday and it is with a different dr than i normally see, she is the dr that did my last IUI so at least we have meet for the brief 5 minutes it takes to inject the spermies. I am braising my self to be more self advocating and more definitive with what i want from my appointments. I am ready i am preparing myself and who knows with all the luck in the world i could simply make a baby this weekend.

I am staying positive and not stressing about getting pregnant though i have anxiety when it comes to dealing with the Dr’s.


Mrs. W.


5 thoughts on “RE says what?

    • No, just the standard check for infertiles or people trying. There are some minor genetic tests in it. I am going to do the test because my doctor has ordered none and i would like to get a good check on whats going on.

  1. The good thing is your OB does IUIs. Mine only did TI cycles with Clomid, no Femara, Trigger or IUI. Unless you are ready to move to IVF then maybe you don’t need an RE right now.

    • Thanks, you are making me appreciate my OB more. I am thankful for all she has done for me i just don’t feel all that confident in her well rounded treatment. I would feel better if she would do more testing on me, she hasn’t done any not even a blood test or a pap. I am not ready to move onto IVF yet because i simply cant afford it or i would probably try it.

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