Qualities of a good fertility counselor

I  am looking into fertility counselors, i don’t have much experiences with a counselor. Thus i am wondering if you all might have characteristic that you found to work best. Has anyone tried seeing a regular therapist to talk about infertility with? Wondering how prepared they would be and if they would understand all the fun TTC terminology. Maybe understanding the actual TTC isn’t necessary but the treatment of the effects it has on us.

Would love any and all feedback!


Mrs. W.

Am I Crazy?


5 thoughts on “Qualities of a good fertility counselor

  1. We went to a counsellor that was recommended to us by a local fertility centre and I can’t recommend going to one enough. Both Dave and I had never been to a counsellor before so it was a whole new experience.
    She made us feel comfortable right away and having a third person to discuss such important issues and feelings with was brilliant. Dave and I are normally very open with each other anyway but seeing a counsellor really helped not only deal with what we were currently going through but to give us tips for the future.
    Although she does not only do fertility she was familiar with it – which I think is a must. As you said it’s not just knowing the terminology but the emotional impact and trained fertility counsellor knows all about this too well.
    We are in Australia so we paid $90 for an hour and honestly throughout this whole journey that has been the best $90 we have spent. We asked our counsellor to not write ‘fertility’ on the reciept so that we can claim it back later.
    Good luck with it but I really do think its a brilliant idea.
    I hope you find someone as lovely as ours.

    Martina x

  2. Hmm. No one has replied to you yet, so I’m going to comment although I can’t totally answer your question because I don’t have a fertility counselor. I can say though, that when I was dealing with my spouse and the transgsender issues, I needed a therapist just for me. We found a couples therapist that specialized in transgsender issues, and she was all right, but I didn’t totally click with her. For me, I just looked for a therapist that specialized in “women’s issues.” I e-mailed her in advance, and she had no experience working with any woman whose spouse was transgender, but that didn’t seem to inhibit the therapy process. If you can just find someone that you can connect with, someone who will listen to you, support you, and encourage you, I think that is what matters. You won’t click with every therapist, so don’t stick with one unless you really like them. Don’t worry, the therapist won’t get their feelings hurt if you determine they are not a good match 🙂

    I have really enjoyed my therapist. She was the one who suggested that I start a blog in the first place. She helps keep me balanced and supports me when times are tough. So, try a few out. See who you click with. Good luck!

    • I think your right its all about the click, i saw a therapist years back but we never really clicked i liked her in all but never clicked. I like that there a therapists for women’s issues.

  3. Good luck with your search Mrs. W! I just asked for a list of therapists from my RE’s office. Maybe you could ask your Dr. for some recommendations- I would like to go to someone with experience in dealing with infertility issues. Keep us posted.

  4. Also- I just wanted to encourage you to seek out your local Resolve support group.
    Go to http://www.resolve.org and search to see if you have a support group in your area. I started attending meetings a few months ago, and they were God sent. I was just thinking that support groups may benefit you- as you will be able to relate to other ladies going through the same struggles as you.

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