progesterone issues

This may be a little TMI so be warned.

My vaginal progesterone makes my vagina to moist and then it itches like no-other.  i decided  to make a change and take it orally and risk the nausea. But i have had no nausea just really luppy in the head like i am on a really strong pain-killer. What is this all about? It feels so funny!

Thanksgiving was nice and peaceful it was just me and the hubby at our house. We made all the fixing and the turkey enough to feed a family of more than two. Our pets love it because there is plenty or turkey to go around.

I really thought by this time i would at least be pregnant, but i am turning things into a positive. I have more time to buy things for our home to make it that much better when we have a kid. I am also trying to focus on just us this year, this differs because i normally spend more money on my sisters five kids than i do for ourselves. I think it is time i put more into my family and strengthen our bonds.

brrr its cold in my house today and by clod i mean 60 in the house. Ii wish we had a fireplace, i am trying to not run the heater as much.


Mrs. W.


4 thoughts on “progesterone issues

  1. The suppositories super suck. I was cleaning myself out every day with a qtip because the lumpy discharge and itching was miserable. As much as you can tell yourself it’s worth it, it really blows. lol. Good Luck!

      • They say it’s common. When I stopped ttc and went to the general doctor he said that I was super inflamed inside from taking them over the previous months (which is common). My body needed a break or it probably would have become unbearable.

      • Did u have the option of taking them orally? I am doing that now. So good to know your dr said u were inflamed cause I could see that possibly with me. I am scared to stop taking them since it could help me TTC.

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