Trigger shot and food

This trigger has affected me so much this cycle the nausea has been insane! I know it’s too early to have pregnancy symptoms so it has tone the trigger lingering around as I am only 8dpo. Every time I eat I feel sick about what I just eat or I get heart burn.

One night the heart burn was so bad I reflected I may be having a heart attack. Now there are two completely logic reasons why my Brian went there. First I don’t get heart burn in fact this was the first time it hurt like this near my heart. The second reason I had CPR class last week and they discussed women’s heart attack symptoms differ from the traditional symptoms. The pain was more in my back. Any rate I choked down some tums and a baby aspirin (just to be safe).

I can’t handle all pathetic leftovers in my frige I need them to disappear or reinvent themselves as something else, I barely eat the thanksgiving dinner. Bottom line I made food for five and there was only the two of us this year. I can not waste it and throw it out, and the pets an only have so much before it upsets there digestive tracts. I don’t know my chili will be made.


mrs. W


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