Last cycle for the year and start for next year

You know it’s the end of a cycle when you eat a plate of mini chocolate chip cookies (by yourself) and watch lifetime Christmas movies and contemplate a stiff drink even though you just took a Motrin for cramps. Days like today I wish I was a drinker, I often wonder what happened to the girl I was in college, I drank pretty regularly.

I must say it hurts to know this is another cycle coming to an end with no happy ending, I kind of wish I could of at least made it 14DPO so I could test. I can help but think there is something that the dr is missing maybe there is something else wrong. They don’t seem to think anything else is wrong besides my PCOS. I worry about endometriosis but I briefly brought it up and she didn’t even bat an eye and moved on.

The analyzer in my wants to start researching heavily to see what else I need to be doing. I know there are many other things out there to try. I will start back on the CoQ10 and maybe order the fertility tea, and I must make an appointment with a chiropractor. Not only has be back been all out of place but I read it may help with fertility. Two birds with one stone would be nice. I really have researched a lot but I feel like I am so unsure what will really help and why others do without it and get knocked up all the time.

It’s time to also start back to exercising every day, I stopped because I was frustrated that it didn’t help me get pregnant, I know you have to do it for a while but I had lost hope in it.

Emotions today : I have cried three times today over TV movies and missing friends far away. Ii am not a big crier so this isn’t the norm for me.

Positive attitude to trying again this month, I have gone back and forth in my mind if we should medicate again this cycle or skip one but I know my hubby wants to do all in our powers so I will medicate again. I have no real problem with it at all.

Does anyone know what it means if AF shows up before 14DPO comes?



4 thoughts on “Last cycle for the year and start for next year

  1. *Hugs* I’m sorry 😦 lifetime movies are the best… I’ve always found I can fall asleep during one, wake up 3 hours later, it’s a new movie, but same plot, so I just wake up basically where I left off. I hope you feel better soon.
    As per your question, what does it mean if your period shows up before 14 days… only in my experience, either that you ovulated earlier than you thought you did (if your luteal phase is always 14 days) or you just had a shorter luteal phase. Mine was always 11-12 day luteal phase.
    As for exercise, find something you can really get in to and enjoy! Do you exercise already several times a week? If not, I’d start with just 3 days a week, I mean, that’s what I’m doing now and you still get the benefits, and also some days off so you don’t get burned out on it. Are you a member of a gym or just exercising outside?

  2. I’m so sorry that this last cycle was a bust. I’m glad you are thinking about your options and how to best get your doctor on board. They can be so worthless sometimes!

  3. I’ve got PCOS too. When practitioners ask me what my average cycle-length is, I laugh. Today I’m on day 34. This is around the time where I start going crazy with pregnancy tests…It’s very cruel.

    Soo…I don’t know for sure why your new cycle has started early, but I would say maybe it’s the erratic nature of PCOS? It’s so frustrating 😦

    I’ve started trying acupuncture. It’s something I never thought I would try (I am a recovering needle-phobe), but I’m hoping it’ll help get something working in the ol’ baby-maker. I’ve only been about 5 times now, so we’ll see how it goes…

    Take care of yourself 🙂

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