Thank you Kathryn!

Saturday a package arrived, at first I was like what is this?? Then I realized it was a wonderful package from Kathryn  at Kathryn Finding Fertility and I nearly started to cry (hormones are in full effect). I opened it quickly and was so excited to receive OPK’s and HCG sticks. Reading her card filled my heart with joy. I never thought when I started this blog someone would send me a gift. This has really taught me about how wonderful this community is. She made me a very cute key chain accessory funny enough were my wedding colors so I adorned it to my keys and love how it is a cheerful reminder that I have such great support from my fellow bloggers.

This was very touching to me for many reasons but the one that reached me the most was that it was a perfect gift for someone trying to conceive that is relatively alone on the journey in my everyday life. It felt so good to feel “acknowledged” and “heard” by someone. I was giddy and happy the rest of the day. It also came at the perfect time as I start the OPK’s tomorrow and I had just put one the grocery list to get some.

Sunday I had a cooking club holiday dinner, I even mentioned to my friend in the group about the gift. Which sounds strange to point out except I don’t really talk about my blogging to anyone it is kind of my best kept secret, not to be confused for sham. I love that I can be me here I don’t feel judged about anything I write and I really love it, but people in my everyday are not as great with not judging.

Maybe I am a little silly about all this but gifting is my “language of love” and so to receive this  gift meant more to me than Kathryn may ever know.  I really can’t thank her enough for touching me all the way from the great state of Texas!images


2 thoughts on “Thank you Kathryn!

  1. Aww, you are going to make ME cry for such a sweet thank you! I am so glad the package arrived at the right time (even if it was like, um, way late) but glad it was just in the nick of time! And now I want to see pictures from your wedding! hah! baby dust to you on this month!!!

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