new cycle new year new…

I really want to say new attitude about TTC.

All i can think about is that we may have a small bit of money coming our way and i am torn between paying down our debt or trying a round of inject-able treatment. Would i regret this decision if the treatment doesn’t work or will i be over the moon if it does work… Really this is so tough in my mind it comes down to practicality and practicality will probably win out but if there is just enough i may go all in and try.

Sucky position to be in where i have to choose between trying for a baby (natural life path) or financial…


Mrs. W.


10 thoughts on “new cycle new year new…

  1. Hi! I’m back! Hard decisions…. but I would definitely pay down debt. It will be less stress and headache to worry about later, and in our positions, we need to eliminate all the stress we can! If/when you do have babies, the less debt you’ll have, the longer you can stay home happily with them (my theory right now). Have you thought about doing acupuncture? A lot of insurance companies are covering it now, and the results seem pretty interesting!

    • funny i was just about to post that i am really considering acupuncture, i found a community group that is pretty local and i want and will call tomorrow to make and first apt. My insurance says it doesn’t cover it which is annoying, because it doesn’t cover a lot of the things i want it too. like IVF. Where have you been?

      • Ah 😦 There are only two acupuncturist that my insurance will cover, so I had to travel to the next town. It was actually super wonderful, I’m excited to see if anything happens with it. I was out moving! Moving and stressed and disheartened, so I needed to take a step back for a little bit, concentrate on moving across the country. This baby making thing is suppose to be enjoyable, but it is making me into a horrid person!

      • Who ever said making a baby was supposed to be enjoyable didn’t suffer any type of infertility issues. Seriously, the stress and the timing and the evasiveness of your personal bits all the time there is just nothing sexy or intimate about that. Having my husband there for the IUI is not romantic at all! If anything the romance is dying but after a year i think we are starting to get in the swing of things. Moving is supper stressful and a long distance move is even worse. Do you know the area you are moving to?

      • We actually moved back home to Chicago! We bought our house here, then he had to get relocated out east =( Thankfully it was just a year, so we are back home now!
        I have to second you on the romance is dieing part! The hubby and I got into it the other night because he still doesn’t get it. So I told him he is going to start coming to my exams so he can see what really happens. I told him more people have seen my undercage than him this month! hahaha. I’m hoping that something will give, because I really do miss “us”, and I wish sex could be the same, and I’m not thinking about the anlge of it every time, and if there is a pillow near by to rest my hips on! haha I would say TMI, but I think any one with infertility understands this process! When did you do the IUI?

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