I survied another week with no bun in the oven.

I survived the last week’s daunting stress of assignments and a baby shower dinner and everything else. I was however pleased that nearly everyone else in the class struggled with the paper that was due.

I have reached a new point in this journey to making a baby. I have stopped thinking about making a baby every other minute and now it’s down to about three times a day. Maybe it’s partially that the holidays seasons are coming to an end and that I started grad school but never the less I have shrunk all the thinking and worrying down to a minimal and manageable amount.

New things I want to start trying outside the realm of western medicine are, acupuncture, chiropractor and herbal remedies (fertilaid). Seeing that I am supposed to ovulate this Wednesday I need to get on the ball for this cycle. I am also really trying to reach my subconscious through visualization so it really knows what I want.

At night I have been trying to meditate myself to sleep via visualization techniques. Strange side effect I have been having crazy dreams again, I don’t know what they mean but I know I don’t like them.  They aren’t TTC related at all. They tend to be me all crazy aggressive and fighting sometimes family members trying to hurt them with no avail. Its nuts!

I know I am not supposed to stress on things buts it’s so hard to not be able to control making a baby as it is supposed to be something we are designed to do. I am by no means mad at my body I just worry about the ifs. Manly what ifs of what’s next and can we afford it. By now with the money we have spent on TTC I could have furnished a nursery (not at all that I know because I like to look around).

So that’s where I am at the moment more to come after this week’s appointments!


Mrs. W.



2 thoughts on “I survied another week with no bun in the oven.

  1. I can somewhat relate to your situation as there is no bun in the oven for us either and it is has been a frustrating ttc journey thus far for us as well. We’ve been focusing outside the realm of western medicine for a while now. I have been doing acupuncture for the past two months. I haven’t seen Aunt Flow yet, but I can share that the sessions has definitely helped me reduce my stress level and food cravings. My acupuncturist has been very supportive in our trying to conceive journey and I just got on a herbal remedy regimen recommended by my grandmother. If I read correctly up there, you’re also a graduate student. Same here. Trying to juggle so many different plates can be overwhelming: work, grad school, family, and ttc journey. Sometimes, it’s hard to find breathing time for ourselves when time is our enemy. However, I wish the best for you and hope that the New Year brings us many blessings!

    • I agree breathing time lately for me is the two breaths i take before i realize i should be working on the next thing. I am nervous to try acupuncture not because of the needles its because of the new system and new “office”, its all new for me. Ii do like new things but this is just sop different. I want help with food craving ohh that a new bonus i haven’t herd of anyone it actually worked for. Best of luck for you to a new year mean a fresh year for everything!

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