my new favorite thing: another monthly follicle u/s check

Earlier today i tried posting this three times, it doesnt appear

Today in a few hours i have my US for this cycle too see how many follicle i have grown. Part of me is pessimistic because my OPK’s have been reading no LH which is strange for me since i normally have some decent color on the “test” side. But it is really faint and for me i also have been getting positives on CD15 so i am feeling bummed. However with that said i have also been having some “what feels like ovary twinges”, which is a good sign. I guess its just the mid cycle what if’s hitting me. All will be settled today at the dr’s. My doctor said she will talk about a different trigger shot that i have used previously, which could help.

There could be good new that i have lots of ripe follicles ready to trigger, we will just wait and see.

Thanks you to everyone who follows me and gives me there support, this blog has been a huge outlet for me and it makes a big difference knowing i have some many lovely people to share with and learn from.


Mrs. W


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