Surgery Week! eek

Come this Friday I will know if I have endometreosis or not because I am going under the knife. I am not even a little bit scared yet!! I am truly happy to have this surgery as it may bring answers to our infertility or could leave us searching for more answers.  Either way I am looking forward to getting it done and moving forward.

Currently we are unsure if we should be trying this cycle as the surgery falls on about the day I am due to ovulate. Trying is not going to hurt right? I am not medicating this cycle and I am not sure if I will pee on any sticks, seeing as it will be Valentine’s Day a little baby dancing would just be coincidental.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, how do infertiles celebrate the day if timing is an issue? Luckily not a problem for me this year, wow for once timing is not going to be an issues (CRAZY). For me this is a hard month, first a very close friend had her baby which had been harder for me to deal with than it has been during her entire pregnancy. Second this is the month I really wanted to have a baby, I know it’s strange but I just find this month lovely for a child’s birth. What can I say I really want to be a romantical person.

Grad school side note: Coincidentally I have a school project right now on teen pregnancy and my section deals with prenatal health and nutrition and genetics. Oddly enough I feel like I am an old pro at all this topic, not that I have been pregnant myself but that I have read and prepared for it that I could do the presentation off the top of my head.  My sister was also a teen mom and I actively watch the MTV show Teen Mom so I am an expert right? The thing is I have not shared my infertility struggles with anyone in the class and I am not comfortable doing so yet, therefore my expertise will have to be kept to myself.  I have I mentioned the classmate that accidentally got pregnant, oh my it is going to be a challenge of my strength to watch her belly grow and hear about her pregnancy drama as everything in her life is DRAMA (this is my vent as I would never say something negative to her or let my judgmental attitude be heard out loud).

Blogging side note, so many fellow infertile bloggers are getting pregnant and while I am a tab bit jealous I am find it hopeful that if they can do I can too. However I am notice a decline in blog posts from some of you, you being pregnant or have given birth makes me so curious to know where there journeys’ have been going. I am sure they are all very busy but I still wonder about you….

Just in case things get busy for me this week HAPPY VALINTINES DAY! May cupid find you some love.



6 thoughts on “Surgery Week! eek

  1. Yay!! Good luck with surgery! I hope you find answers! it was positive to hear you say that so many of your fellow infertile bloggers are getting pregnant having babies! all the people I follow have had no success and it’s starting to make me doubt that it’s even possible.

    • Oh my really, about a good 90% of the blogs i follow have been getting sticking babies. Maybe i am following the wrong topics. I am always on the lookout for new comers with similar infertility issues. i love learning everyone’s tricks to beating infertility.

  2. My blog reader has been full of pregnancy announcements lately too. While I am genuinely happy to know that many of these ladies have made it up and over the infertility mountain I am also a bit jealous. I am so ready to slide down the other side of the mountain! I hope your surgery goes well and that you get some much needed answers 🙂

  3. I hope your surgery goes well! And you can tell where my brain is, I kept reading the title of your post as “Sugary Week”….. mmmm sugar. chocolate. I hope you get some. Valentines day is this week anyway. Seriously though, thinking of you and hoping you get good results!

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