Nearly recovered from surgery Friday, at least physically

I must start by saying I am very sad that they found “endo”, I don’t know why I am taking it so heard. It just feels like another setback or possibly and ending to our TTC. The endo isn’t “BAD” its pretty mild most in early stages. I haven’t talked to my doctor directly but she told hubby everything looked good and they got most of it. However my OB even said it’s a double whammy. So far I am healing fine; surgery wasn’t bad in fact the worst part is that I have a continuing sore throat.  Ii promise to post more later but for now I am not sure what I want to say.


2 thoughts on “Nearly recovered from surgery Friday, at least physically

  1. Don’t be sad!!! The surgery was to find out if you had endometriosis and then get rid of it, right? That’s awesome that they got rid of it! That was probably a huge reason why you haven’t been able to get pregnant and they just fixed it! Atleast that’s my understanding… When I was preparing for my surgery to remove my cyst, my doctor told me that they always actually hope to find just a little bit of endometriosis as well – so that they would then obviously remove it and my chances of conceiving after the surgery would be even higher. I was disappointed they didn’t find any in me! I’m excited for you – a major issue has been taken care of!

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