Cycle … i lost count

മലയാളം: കൈതച്ചക്ക നെടുകെ ഛേദിച്ചത്

CD14 follicles check…

Ok, had to have my follicle check on CD14 because CD15 lands on a Saturday. Wasn’t sure what I was expecting because last cycle things were all over the place. But I was pleasantly surprised to see three yes THREE follicle all in nice sized. Though Dr. says that the second on my left ovary had some shading and it might not be good. Strange though he didn’t try and move the wand around to get a clearer pic which is what my regular Dr. does. So I am like OK whatever, there’s still two! One is 17mm and the other 2 are 15mm. So I am going back in on Sunday (on call Dr.) to see about triggering that night.

This news is very exciting because my left ovary has been a little bit lazy lately. Which wouldn’t matter much except I am hopefully that my left ovary will produce the winning egg that make it into my uterus. My logic is that the left has less endometriosis than the right has.

This post was interrupted because I had to run back to the office to get my trigger injectable to take on Sunday night and forgoing going in on Sunday for another follicle check, doing this all before the office closes for the weekend. .. Ahh!! my OB office is a mad house there is always a different girl working the front counters and hardly ever do they know how to book the appointments that I need. Then once they figure out how to book the appointment there is never any time slots available with any of the five OB’s. This used to stress me out but for some reason I am getting used to this B.S. of knowing they aren’t going to be able to schedule me in for my IUI because there is short notice (3 days).  Deep breaths!! It’s no wonder my blood pressure sky rockets every time I go in for appointments first I am fighting fertility then I am fighting for appointments.

On to a better topic, what I am going to try this cycle… I am researching what to eat around or after ovulation. I have heard the pineapple core but and all the lists of what not to have i.e. caffeine, green tea, soy products, alcohol… but I am more interested in what to take. Love it if anyone has any suggestions.

For those of you followers sorry I have been a bit MIA lately, I think this was a very melancholy time for me. I have been a bit down on myself and have lack motivation. I know I am not depressed but I am really feeling the effects of the meds these days. No worries as I am sure I will pull myself out of it soon as I am sure I just needed to not fight the feelings and instead let me feel the hurt and sadness of the journey I am on.

Today i am off to celebrate my nieces 12th birthday at an indoor trampoline park, hope i don’t bounce my eggs out!

Cheers, Mrs. W



5 thoughts on “Cycle … i lost count

  1. I am so jealous your doctor does your ultrasounds (and is competent to do them) ! I am dumping my clinic because they suck butt. They are also closed on weekends, which always made things extra difficult. I hope your follies grow nice and juicy and all three pop out on time !

    • Thanks! Good riddance if they can’t do a ultrasound. I say find a better place. My ob’s office has five OB’s they all have there strengths but it makes it helpful that I developed a trust with my primary ob, because I can always email her if I questions or concerns. Maybe I should be counting my blessings.

  2. Sounds like you have a few good things going with the docs. The RE I’m going to now does the ultrasounds (my OBGYN did not), and it really makes a big difference for me and how I feel/how much info I get/etc.

    BTW- I read every single post you make, I just suck at commenting. Always crossing fingers for you!!!

  3. I posted somewhere on my blog about fertility foods… and you can eat that stuff all cycle to help prepare your whole system. Also- my Chinese Medicine Dr recommends sitting with the heating pad on your belly- kind of incubates your eggs… plus it is kind of stress relieving/relaxing.. I keep it on while we watch TV usually.

    I am a health coach so for me- eating right is a huge part of this journey! You can do it… there are some great sites out there that talk about fertility diets etc. 🙂 I know with the PCOS (Have it too) that a low carb diet is best- most of the fertility diets are like that as well.

    Keep on keepin on!


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