How do you know its time for IVF?

I really hate to jump the gun but i am starting to think it would be wise to skip injectables and go straight for IVF. We are not rich by any means and really neither of these are a great financial option. What happens when you spend a couple of grand  out of pocket for injectables and it fails and then you have to move onto IVF but you have already spent so much on the injectables. How do you decide??

I really do trust the medical field but i also feel that everyone needs to be there own advocate. I think i am scared of not having many more options at this point. I  also feel as though i am racing the clock and our budget.

Mrs. W


8 thoughts on “How do you know its time for IVF?

  1. We did 3 rounds of IUI with clomid. After the last failed one we were going to try it with injectibles. Before we could begin, I ended up having an ovarian cyst rupture. The clomid can cause cysts and that actually sent me to the ER because I was in so much pain. Anyway, after having gone thru that, we opted to just go ahead with IVF and skip the IUI with injectibles. Never an easy decision. Hope whatever you decide works out.

  2. I just found your blog but I think you go with your gut. We’ll do injectibles because it’ll be covered, but if it wasn’t… we probably wouldn’t.

    • Your insurance covered injectable whoa! I am jealous I wish I knew how to get mine to cover it. I would be interested in doing injectables if insurance would at the vary least cover the blood work, ultrasounds, amd exams. Apparently I will have to pay out of pocket for it all.

  3. Our plan was to try two rounds of injectables with IUI. Our insurance covered the meds but the IUIs were $500 a pop but we did two days in a row each cycle. We ended up doing 4 IUIs in the end. The third one was because the cycle fell around the xmas season and the IVF clinic closes down so we opted to try a third because we figured if it worked it would save us a lot of money. Well it didn’t and we spent another $500 out of pocket. Our 4th IUI was actually our first attempt at IVF. I didn’t produce a lot of eggs so rather than cancel the cycle we converted it. Another $500 failure. At the time I was hopeful that the IUIs would work but if I could do it over I would go straight to IVF. That is my opinion though. IVF is very time consuming and can get very emotional and very tiring….and of course is not guaranteed to work but nothing is. I found it easier going into IVF knowing how may fresh cycles I was willing to endure emotionally and financially. Just something to consider.

    • 500 an IUI oh my! That adds up so quickly…. I am starting to think i am leaning towards going for IVF and skipping injectables unless some of its covered by insurance. Thanks for sharing i love the feed back!

    • I know its different for everyone and even now i sometimes wish i had just gone for it in the beginning, one thing in the infertility world that i have learned is to listen to your own gut even when it differs from one or more doctors. If i had listened to the first doctor i saw when i went off BC i would still be trying to lose weight and not TTC. Thanks for the luck, we all need it!

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