Too early for shopping

Is it strange all I want to do is buy a play yard. For some reason I feel like that is the most important thing. All the things I thought I would want to start buying/shopping for play yard was not on the top of that list. I know its way early but all I can do is think about getting it now. Anyone else have urges to buy things early in pregnancy. I must confess I have been secretly looking on websites like babies-R-Us, buy buy baby, and target to find one that I like and meet might needs (lol what I think are my needs).

As I write this I think I should be researching things like nursing supplies and baby bottle selection. Is it too soon to start a baby registry, of coarse I would keep it secret but I could put all my finds in one place. Um I know this is all too soon but it makes me feel good to prepare I am a big preparer it sooths my anxiety to be prepared ahead of time. This shopping talk is really taking my mind off my worries and in a happy zone.

Another odd note my hubby has started calling me baby mama = strange.

mindful musings,

Mrs. W


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