10 weeks- is this really happening

I am not sure this is real. Am I really 10 weeks, will I really make it to 12? This last week had been the worst for nausea, I though it was supposed to be getting better not worse. But what’s worse than the nausea is the skin itch. Some times my skin itches everywhere other times just my nipples or legs. Just like when I had the mosquitos bits, itching drives me crazy. I turn into a whinny grump itch-o-lot. My stress level was pretty high this week too. The more I tried to lower it I think the worse I made it. I took the advice of a friend went for a walk and meditated, but I combined the two. I feel much more “centered” when I am outdoors. When I cam back in, I found our kitten sleeping on my side of the bed so I climbed in and snuggled and took a cat nap with her. Moments like that I live for. After that my stress had been manageable. How far along: 10 Weeks Total Weight Gain: -4 lbs Stretchmarks: no new ones but I was feeling a lil bloated and could see ones that we nearly gone/invisbale Sleep: I fall asleep pretty easily now, but the last few nights I haven’t had any mid night bathroom trips. Best Moment This Week: bowling with the family for fathers day. Movement: not that I can feel. Gender: hopefully we will find out in two weeks (really hopeful but realistic) Belly Button: bottomless What I Miss: eating whatever and however much without having to really think about it first. Cravings: All over the place, this that and whatever I hear that sound good. What I am Looking Forward to: ultrasound in two weeks and three weeks. Milestones: just getting to this point is still huge to me.


3 thoughts on “10 weeks- is this really happening

  1. yay for 10weeks! just a question… where did you read that your babe is 4 lbs and size of pineapple at 10 weeks? That would be an incredibly giant 10 week fetus! I would be terrified of having a record breaking 20 pounder! at 10 wks everything I have read has said the fetus is about 1/4 ounce in weight and the size of prune.

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