Feels like i am in the 2nd trimester

I am hungry, ok to the normal person this wouldn’t mean much. But for me this is a big change from the last three months. I finally want food and I can eat it all without getting super full super fast. I want food again, yay and boo. Boo because I am still down 4lbs and would like it to stay this way. At the rate I want food for the last 2 days I will balloon up in no time.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for sure, I didn’t get good sleep and that drained me. I tossed and turned as I think my neck was bugging me. So woke up feeling tired and just never felt great. By the end of the day I was fighting a loosing battle with a headache. So I weighed the pros and cons with taking some Tylenol. Decided better to take some and get better sleep than to repeat another bad night of sleep.  I also decided to take some Benadryl to ensure good night sleep. Both did the trick and I nearly slept the whole night through. I made myself get up to pee, because I didn’t want to wait and burst later. BEST night sleep I have had in awhile for sure. I felt much more awake and alive this morning.

As of now I think all the people we wanted to contact in person have been told. Now to announce on Facebook. Still have some anxiety about it. But each day I am feeling closer to feeling better and more confident that everything will be ok and I don’t need to worry so much. Unlike this blog where I can be completely open and honest about everything, I do not feel like I can do that on my personal social media sites. Strange I would think it should be the other way around.

that’s it for me for now, hope everyone is staying cool.


Mrs. W.


Week 13 today and feeling illish

Feeling really strange today. I woke up nausea and I have been feeling week almost like i have low blood sugar all day. I napped and napped to hope I just needed rest. But still feeling funny. Should I be worried cu I feel so strange. The nausea keeps coming back then I eat and it subsides, its different than the normal I am hungry nausea.

Who knows it might be nothing but something is telling me to feel worried. I have a translucency ultrasound tomorrow afternoon so I figure I will wait till then to see if everything checks out.

Today marks week 13. Wow just wow. I am starting to realize I need to really accept that this could be ok and bond with the lil bubby.

Nightmares and Lists

Oh my goodness the dreams are so scary and cause such high anxiety. My nightmares have been all over the place, scary. They wake me up and then I don’t want to go back to sleep only to start the dream again so I usually get up and watch TV (bad TV) for a few hours then try and go back to sleep. Still dealing with some exhaustion and then combined with lack of sleep makes for a bored girl. I feel like I have so much to do and some days I do nothing.

I feel like I have been on modified bed rest for the first three months, reality I have been so lazy and bored but this week I have had a few days where I have energy and bust out some things around the house. Only to be wiped-out by late afternoon. I promise I will get this balanced out very soon.

I am not an overachiever at least I really wasn’t growing up, so this next part is not me trying to be an overachiever just me trying to calm my fears or anxieties. I made an excel spread sheet of all the baby items we will need/register for. one column is for where we would like to get the items from, another the price range for the item, a column for weather we will register for it or buy it ourselves or both, last column is to show which items we don’t really need for the first six months (in other words not as high of priority).

The first two columns are to help us when finding good deals from places like Craig’s list or store sales, and Facebook sites. I am also going to try and coupon for as much as possible, I have never done well with couponing but I sure would like to try, therefore this list helps me know where to focus on. I feel funny looking to register for the shower/holidays on one hand we really need all the help we can get on the other I don’t know how many or who can help and lastly I don’t like asking people to buy things for us.

Well that’s my little rant for the day, hope everyone is beating the heat and enjoying some summer time activities.

Cheers, Mrs. W.

i made it till 12 weeks

Well I have been a little MIA because I was so worried about if everything was ok and if my test would all be ok. In the end it was worry for nothing as everything is just fine. Heard the heart beat for first time but didn’t get a good image of the lil munchkin. Next week we have a translucency with a fancy OB office.

We were supposed to have some of hubby’s family over for the forth to announce the pregnancy. We bought a ice cream cake that said happy 4th grandma, well they all canceled at the last minute. I was ok with it because it meant not having to deal with all the hugs and tears and emotions on one of the hottest days of the year. Well hubby was very upset, understandable as he really wanted to tell them in person. Now we are trying to figure out how we will tell everyone. Funny when we first found out we want to call everyone and now we are trying to make it special for everyone. Ahh the stress of it, why do the people who are “closest” to us live all over the country. Why am I so nervous about telling people, even my own mom and sister?

Even social friends I want to tell I try and get it out but then I don’t. Its easier for me to show them cute baby cookies rather than say guess what I am pregnant. Is this normal? Maybe I worry that they are all going to hug me or cry and really I am not good with that attention or complement like congrats or I am so happy for you, because I just don’t know how to respond.

Other than all that things have been going as smoothly as one can be going with prego symptoms.

mrs. W