i made it till 12 weeks

Well I have been a little MIA because I was so worried about if everything was ok and if my test would all be ok. In the end it was worry for nothing as everything is just fine. Heard the heart beat for first time but didn’t get a good image of the lil munchkin. Next week we have a translucency with a fancy OB office.

We were supposed to have some of hubby’s family over for the forth to announce the pregnancy. We bought a ice cream cake that said happy 4th grandma, well they all canceled at the last minute. I was ok with it because it meant not having to deal with all the hugs and tears and emotions on one of the hottest days of the year. Well hubby was very upset, understandable as he really wanted to tell them in person. Now we are trying to figure out how we will tell everyone. Funny when we first found out we want to call everyone and now we are trying to make it special for everyone. Ahh the stress of it, why do the people who are “closest” to us live all over the country. Why am I so nervous about telling people, even my own mom and sister?

Even social friends I want to tell I try and get it out but then I don’t. Its easier for me to show them cute baby cookies rather than say guess what I am pregnant. Is this normal? Maybe I worry that they are all going to hug me or cry and really I am not good with that attention or complement like congrats or I am so happy for you, because I just don’t know how to respond.

Other than all that things have been going as smoothly as one can be going with prego symptoms.

mrs. W




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