Feels like i am in the 2nd trimester

I am hungry, ok to the normal person this wouldn’t mean much. But for me this is a big change from the last three months. I finally want food and I can eat it all without getting super full super fast. I want food again, yay and boo. Boo because I am still down 4lbs and would like it to stay this way. At the rate I want food for the last 2 days I will balloon up in no time.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for sure, I didn’t get good sleep and that drained me. I tossed and turned as I think my neck was bugging me. So woke up feeling tired and just never felt great. By the end of the day I was fighting a loosing battle with a headache. So I weighed the pros and cons with taking some Tylenol. Decided better to take some and get better sleep than to repeat another bad night of sleep.  I also decided to take some Benadryl to ensure good night sleep. Both did the trick and I nearly slept the whole night through. I made myself get up to pee, because I didn’t want to wait and burst later. BEST night sleep I have had in awhile for sure. I felt much more awake and alive this morning.

As of now I think all the people we wanted to contact in person have been told. Now to announce on Facebook. Still have some anxiety about it. But each day I am feeling closer to feeling better and more confident that everything will be ok and I don’t need to worry so much. Unlike this blog where I can be completely open and honest about everything, I do not feel like I can do that on my personal social media sites. Strange I would think it should be the other way around.

that’s it for me for now, hope everyone is staying cool.


Mrs. W.


4 thoughts on “Feels like i am in the 2nd trimester

  1. I will say this, don’t stress too much about the eight gain because you are eating. Once you get into the 3rd trimester, if you don’t have heartburn, you will fill up a lot faster because you will have a baby pushing against your insides and not be able to eat as much. The weight will come off. Enjoy yourself!


  2. I never bothered announcing on Facebook. I remember it was too painful for me to read others’ announcements, so I didn’t want to put anyone else through that. Most of the people on there I never see anyway…
    How did your announcement go?

  3. OMG…I have been trying to see your blog for weeks and it wouldn’t pull up and finally, today, it did! It was probably my issue…either way, happy to see it! Yay! So how are you feeling now and what week are you in? I need an update! I hope all is well…

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