Tired is my new trend

I am soooo tired all the time.

Ok so Monday is the big ultrasound. I am very excited, but honestly I am a lil scared. Its a big what if everything is ok. Oh and to compound it all we decided to invite our mothers and my dear friend. I am ok with it but my MIL is crazy. And then what happens if something is wrong and they are there. AHH! all I am focusing on is that we will know the sex so we can start buying some gender specific things. My husband is super cute because he is more impatient then I am for this appointment, which I adore about him.

Ahhh I just would like to sleep. So instead I am going to search for baby coupons and pinterest surf.  

Oh my belly start to look more like a bump and blob of fat. Though I have though moments.


Mrs. W


exhaustion is not excusabel

Ok I am not sure if I am on burnout from school or tired form my first week of the new job or if its just pregnancy that is draining me. All I want to do is lay on the couch and watch TV. But that is not an option I have a seven page paper due on Tuesday and I am only on page three. I don’t want to use pregnancy as an excuse this early!! I really don’t.

I am just tired and lack motivation for anything. I have been eating horrible too which isn’t helping. Oh what do I do? I am dwelling.

Honestly I am just so excited for the 26th when we find out the gender. I really want to see  this bubby in my belly. I want to see it move and know its healthy. I want to shop for gender specific stuff and decorate… Only for now I will fight with getting off the couch!

Mrs. W.

MIA at 18 weeks

Sorry I have been MIA as of late. I am here but I either am super busy and don’t post or I am pretty drained from school, my new job or growing this lil human inside me. Everything is going well as the baby hasn’t fallen out so I assume its good. Ultrasound on the 26th so excited to find out for sure the sex. is it possible the tip of my nose is growing but not my bump? So I haven’t popped yet but the belly is chubby yet firm.

short but sweet this week!

happy to be pregnant…so very happy.