Tired is my new trend

I am soooo tired all the time.

Ok so Monday is the big ultrasound. I am very excited, but honestly I am a lil scared. Its a big what if everything is ok. Oh and to compound it all we decided to invite our mothers and my dear friend. I am ok with it but my MIL is crazy. And then what happens if something is wrong and they are there. AHH! all I am focusing on is that we will know the sex so we can start buying some gender specific things. My husband is super cute because he is more impatient then I am for this appointment, which I adore about him.

Ahhh I just would like to sleep. So instead I am going to search for baby coupons and pinterest surf.  

Oh my belly start to look more like a bump and blob of fat. Though I have though moments.


Mrs. W

2 thoughts on “Tired is my new trend

  1. WOW! I have been having trouble clicking the link I had for your blog… and finally found another one to link and YAY YOU! You are pregnant! WHOOOO HOOOO! That is absolutely 1000000% percent wonderful! I am over the moon for you! YAY!


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