Its a ……BoY! oh boy


I am so happy to know the sex, shopping can now commence. Our sweet baby boy and I can now begin to bond I hope. I worry about bonding. My hubby is over the moon. That in itself brings me such joy as for so long I worried I would never fulfill his dream of becoming a dad.

It was the worst ultrasound, because the tech was so unfriendly. Can I ask for another? She barely spoke two sentences to us. It looks like its a boy… was one. She didn’t tell us what she was looking at just typed the body part on the screen. I was honestly in shock after the appointment it went so fast and I barely knew what had just happened till it was over.  Now looking back I am mad and let down it was supposed to be a memorable moment for both of us. My husband asked to hear the heart beat and she said “haven’t you already heard it”. that was it.

Now about this bonding, I worry I am not bonding or attaching to this baby boy. When do you start to feel more attached. I think my worry comes from the fact I would worry I would loss him. Ahhh the cycle never ends.


Mrs. W


2 thoughts on “Its a ……BoY! oh boy

  1. Mrs. W,
    Congrats on finding out the sex of your baby.. a sweet boy. I believe that bonding to your baby will come in it’s own time..Sing, read, talk, whatever feels right for you- he’s listening.

  2. Congrats!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of boys! Honestly about the tech, I might mention something to the doctor or nurse next time you go in. That would definitely bother me. We were lucky and the tech at our doctor’s office was always so nice and always pointed things out and answered questions, etc. Is everyone in the office usually friendly or are they all like that? If they are all friendly then I would say something to someone, because they need to be talked to. It should have been a better experience. Did you get pictures to take with you??

    I believe the bonding is happening even if you are not aware. You said it yourself you were always worried that you might lose the baby, well, that tells me that you are already crazy about him. And you will probably just fall more in love with him everyday, especially when he is moving around so much! Stop worrying and embrace it and just talk to him as often as you want and rub your belly! 🙂

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