energy drops



I  am wondering if any other PCOSers who are taking metformin and progesterone notice a difference after ovulation?


For about three days after starting to take progesterone i have a noticeable change in appetite more like maybe my blood sugar drops or i just feel week between breakfast and lunch. I think it it because of metformin and progesterone combo but i really am just speculating.  When i asked my doc she said to lessen my metformin intake to half of my normal 2000mg. I guess i am just still feeling it.


The last three days i have been unusually crabby midday and of coarse i think it has something to do with my cycle. I  mean everything that i notice about my body lately must have something to do with my cycle or symptom watching! Though it could just be the weather warming up quickly. Really it is probably the weather seeing as we aren’t having much of spring weather on the west coast. I  am not going to complain much because the Midwest looks to be getting pretty hard with floods right now.


Well that is my midday rant!


Mrs. W.




Feeling pretty low today.

The end of a cycle always makes me feel a little hopeless but that combined with nausea cramps and horrible BM’s is not making me feel like a happy person at all. Not to mention someone broke into my bank accounts and stole what little money I had. Argh life just seems to be like a lot of back luck for me right now. I need to find a way to end the bad luck and get some better luck going. I need to see a voodoo man (anyone know one that works?).

Ahhh the cramps, what I wouldn’t give to have one AF without them. It would make the whole beginning /end of cycle so much better. 200 400 600 800 mg Ibuprofen still no relief.

I am working on staying positive though. I am really working on focusing not on the negatives in my life but instead the positive things. For instance my husband, my pet and my home. I know i am strong and i will get through this but i am hopeful that my luck will change.

I am thinking of seeing a psychic to have my cards read. I am not sure how much i believe in psychics but i its worth trying.

Today is a new day in a new week. Let this be the start of my change. Oh and the start of Fermara… another cycle begins.


Mrs. W.


new cycle new year new…

I really want to say new attitude about TTC.

All i can think about is that we may have a small bit of money coming our way and i am torn between paying down our debt or trying a round of inject-able treatment. Would i regret this decision if the treatment doesn’t work or will i be over the moon if it does work… Really this is so tough in my mind it comes down to practicality and practicality will probably win out but if there is just enough i may go all in and try.

Sucky position to be in where i have to choose between trying for a baby (natural life path) or financial…


Mrs. W.

Why are we shooting?

Today i turned on the news while i eat my breakfast, but i was shocked and horrified when the news broke about the shootings. Here i am trying to hard to bring a life into the world while someone senselessly takes innocent children’s lives. It scares me to thinking if i am making the right choice, and my heart breaks for the parents who have lost there babies. I can only hope the early reports are wrong and that 28 lives were not senselessly taken.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of all the victims.

What is America coming to these days, what is happening to us? This is the second shooting in a week, what is happening. What has happened to the holiday spirit and humanity.

Today i can not be sad about my own struggles as so many are hurting.

Mrs. W.

Thank you Kathryn!

Saturday a package arrived, at first I was like what is this?? Then I realized it was a wonderful package from Kathryn  at Kathryn Finding Fertility and I nearly started to cry (hormones are in full effect). I opened it quickly and was so excited to receive OPK’s and HCG sticks. Reading her card filled my heart with joy. I never thought when I started this blog someone would send me a gift. This has really taught me about how wonderful this community is. She made me a very cute key chain accessory funny enough were my wedding colors so I adorned it to my keys and love how it is a cheerful reminder that I have such great support from my fellow bloggers.

This was very touching to me for many reasons but the one that reached me the most was that it was a perfect gift for someone trying to conceive that is relatively alone on the journey in my everyday life. It felt so good to feel “acknowledged” and “heard” by someone. I was giddy and happy the rest of the day. It also came at the perfect time as I start the OPK’s tomorrow and I had just put one the grocery list to get some.

Sunday I had a cooking club holiday dinner, I even mentioned to my friend in the group about the gift. Which sounds strange to point out except I don’t really talk about my blogging to anyone it is kind of my best kept secret, not to be confused for sham. I love that I can be me here I don’t feel judged about anything I write and I really love it, but people in my everyday are not as great with not judging.

Maybe I am a little silly about all this but gifting is my “language of love” and so to receive this  gift meant more to me than Kathryn may ever know.  I really can’t thank her enough for touching me all the way from the great state of Texas!images

Trying a new diet

Original Slim Fast label

For  the first time I am going to try the slim fast diet, I am hoping to see some small result. At this point even 5lbs wouldbake me feel good seems so small that would be a huge feet for me.

I am worried that my blood pressure may be getting out of hand and for no real reason. So diet and exercise and exercise and diet.

Anyone else toyed this with and success? I will alsobe on 2000 mg metformin and vitaminD3 2000iu.

Starting tonight is the fermera 2.5mg fingers crossed I see some results. I would really like some good knees this cycle, something positive to keep me motivated. It would also give me positive affirmation that I am on the right track in this TTC journey.  Does anyone else get to points where they need a little positive sign? If so where do you find your signs?

PIE will keep you all current  if the slim fast helps at all!


Mrs. W.

TTC thoughts for the week

Besides the every day thought of if this is ever going to happen I have had other random thoughts.

Today is CD7 day four on clomid, my emotions are not in check the last day or so. I have been melo, laughing, frustrated, angry (may of gotten in a fight with a baby gate cuz it wasn’t where it was supposed to be thus it got in my way), yelliNg, high blood pressure, strange dreams, woke up thinking negative thoughts, but now after a failed atempt of calming my thought I will hopefully type it all out of my head.


TMI warning!

Part of me wonders  if I have endometriosis? I have thought I may have it since I was in high school. I have such painful periods with heavy clothing bleeding. The pain is so strong my parents would give me some of there prescription strength meds to help me function on the first three days of my period. In high school and college if I didn’t take strong medications I couldnt attend class, I couldnt eat, I could barely get out of bed.

Really I just think my fears are getting the best of me. With each BFN HPT I start to think why???? Is there more wrong with me besides my PCOS, are we going to make a baby? I keep trying to tell myself to stop thinking about the wanting of a child to love. I worry that I want it too much. Hubby and myself have some much love to share that I think we might be driving ourselves stir crazy. Or at least it is for me!

Where do I go from here…. Today i am going to take it one step at a time, first breakfast maybe some quilting after that? Oh and I guess the fur babies would like to be feed too.

So here I go one foot in front of the other.

Mrs. W