Week 22 rants and updates

My life right now consists of working, school, baby shopping, sleep….repeat. When I have a free moment I can be found on the couch asleep or trying to be.

This week I wrench was thrown into the works. I woke up (literally woke up) with tendonitis in my right foot. Me being me thought it wasn’t that bad and I had probably slept funny or something. So I limed around all week. then I had my first real leg cramp on Thursday night. Come Friday AM I couldn’t put weight on my foot at all. Again me being me I tried to figure out how to get from the bedroom to the front room hoping and leaning on things (my husband asked why I didn’t crawl? Because that would be logical!). Well I called the hubby home from work to take me to the dr. That is notable as I never do that. He freaked out and thought I had a blood clot even though I told him it was my foot. So when he got hoe very quickly he got home his adrenalin was through the roof. I was really ok and by then I had iced it and stretched so I was able to put some weight on it. So basically the dr has nothing that she can do for it, she said to got to physical therapy and all I can think is I don’t have time for that! Well that was Friday AM and today I woke up and my foot is like nothing happened! WHAT??? crazy!

As long as nothing is wrong in my belly i can handle the rashes, sore feet, exhaustion and anything else that doesn’t effect the baby. We did find out that we have to have another ultrasound because the images of the heart were not clear?? That’s fine i want to see him again!

On the baby shopping front we got our crib, dresser and mattress courtesy of my father last week. This really takes a load of my shoulders. We have decided on the bedding from pottery barn kids. We didn’t buy it yet though I am going to try and wait for a big sale since it is on the expensive end. This will kind of set the theme of the room. I have decided on an alphabet theme with rich primary colors. I really want a large navy blue rug (but rugs are also very expensive). Honestly I am trying to avoid a one theme because I know our family’s and they will forever buy themed things for the rest of his life i.e. monkey’s or Winnie the pooh.  This is a great relief~ I think its funny we are spending so much time on a room that he wont use until this time next year, if we are lucky.

Registries… I have three… one at target, babies r us and buy buy baby. I would like to condense to two but I am not sure which to choose. I feel as though I am also breaking rules and registering for all kinds toys and things and stuff. Does anyone have advice on registries? I want a bigish one but i don’t want to overwhelm people or deter them from getting things we want. Oddly enough i am not even sure how many people will buy from the registry.

On to baby showers. My good friend wants to throw it for us which is amazing! and my mom want to have a separate one for some of her friends. So that’s two and my hubby thinks that’s dumb. He thinks there should be one, i don’t mind however many we have. If friends and family all want to get together big or small it makes me very happy to know they want to be part of this journey. I don’t know how to relate to hubby that multiple showers can be normal. I love baby showers! however my own is feeling nuts. Not to mention i am so exhausted so planning is kinds limited. We set dates so that exciting! With all the holidays and bday’s and our anniversary its going to be a very busy season.

Oh things about me…

I am at my pre-pregnancy weight now. which makes me happy, really unexpected because i have been eat not so good lately. All my old stretch marks are showing up and it looks like some are getting bigger and it looks  there might be three new ones. That’s at least according to hubby. I know its inevitable but grrrr not pretty.

I can only feel him flutter which worries hubby but i am ok with the occasional flutter as i know soon it will be a rib getting kicked. We bought a heart beat monitor thingy (against my advice) we tried it out last night and had no luck. We could barely find my heart beat let alone his. We found hubby’s right away!

Well that’s all my random rants for right now, i am feeling more attached to him this week and everything is moving along nicely!


Mrs. W.


Its a ……BoY! oh boy


I am so happy to know the sex, shopping can now commence. Our sweet baby boy and I can now begin to bond I hope. I worry about bonding. My hubby is over the moon. That in itself brings me such joy as for so long I worried I would never fulfill his dream of becoming a dad.

It was the worst ultrasound, because the tech was so unfriendly. Can I ask for another? She barely spoke two sentences to us. It looks like its a boy… was one. She didn’t tell us what she was looking at just typed the body part on the screen. I was honestly in shock after the appointment it went so fast and I barely knew what had just happened till it was over.  Now looking back I am mad and let down it was supposed to be a memorable moment for both of us. My husband asked to hear the heart beat and she said “haven’t you already heard it”. that was it.

Now about this bonding, I worry I am not bonding or attaching to this baby boy. When do you start to feel more attached. I think my worry comes from the fact I would worry I would loss him. Ahhh the cycle never ends.


Mrs. W

Tired is my new trend

I am soooo tired all the time.

Ok so Monday is the big ultrasound. I am very excited, but honestly I am a lil scared. Its a big what if everything is ok. Oh and to compound it all we decided to invite our mothers and my dear friend. I am ok with it but my MIL is crazy. And then what happens if something is wrong and they are there. AHH! all I am focusing on is that we will know the sex so we can start buying some gender specific things. My husband is super cute because he is more impatient then I am for this appointment, which I adore about him.

Ahhh I just would like to sleep. So instead I am going to search for baby coupons and pinterest surf.  

Oh my belly start to look more like a bump and blob of fat. Though I have though moments.


Mrs. W

exhaustion is not excusabel

Ok I am not sure if I am on burnout from school or tired form my first week of the new job or if its just pregnancy that is draining me. All I want to do is lay on the couch and watch TV. But that is not an option I have a seven page paper due on Tuesday and I am only on page three. I don’t want to use pregnancy as an excuse this early!! I really don’t.

I am just tired and lack motivation for anything. I have been eating horrible too which isn’t helping. Oh what do I do? I am dwelling.

Honestly I am just so excited for the 26th when we find out the gender. I really want to see  this bubby in my belly. I want to see it move and know its healthy. I want to shop for gender specific stuff and decorate… Only for now I will fight with getting off the couch!

Mrs. W.

MIA at 18 weeks

Sorry I have been MIA as of late. I am here but I either am super busy and don’t post or I am pretty drained from school, my new job or growing this lil human inside me. Everything is going well as the baby hasn’t fallen out so I assume its good. Ultrasound on the 26th so excited to find out for sure the sex. is it possible the tip of my nose is growing but not my bump? So I haven’t popped yet but the belly is chubby yet firm.

short but sweet this week!

happy to be pregnant…so very happy.

Feels like i am in the 2nd trimester

I am hungry, ok to the normal person this wouldn’t mean much. But for me this is a big change from the last three months. I finally want food and I can eat it all without getting super full super fast. I want food again, yay and boo. Boo because I am still down 4lbs and would like it to stay this way. At the rate I want food for the last 2 days I will balloon up in no time.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for sure, I didn’t get good sleep and that drained me. I tossed and turned as I think my neck was bugging me. So woke up feeling tired and just never felt great. By the end of the day I was fighting a loosing battle with a headache. So I weighed the pros and cons with taking some Tylenol. Decided better to take some and get better sleep than to repeat another bad night of sleep.  I also decided to take some Benadryl to ensure good night sleep. Both did the trick and I nearly slept the whole night through. I made myself get up to pee, because I didn’t want to wait and burst later. BEST night sleep I have had in awhile for sure. I felt much more awake and alive this morning.

As of now I think all the people we wanted to contact in person have been told. Now to announce on Facebook. Still have some anxiety about it. But each day I am feeling closer to feeling better and more confident that everything will be ok and I don’t need to worry so much. Unlike this blog where I can be completely open and honest about everything, I do not feel like I can do that on my personal social media sites. Strange I would think it should be the other way around.

that’s it for me for now, hope everyone is staying cool.


Mrs. W.

Week 13 today and feeling illish

Feeling really strange today. I woke up nausea and I have been feeling week almost like i have low blood sugar all day. I napped and napped to hope I just needed rest. But still feeling funny. Should I be worried cu I feel so strange. The nausea keeps coming back then I eat and it subsides, its different than the normal I am hungry nausea.

Who knows it might be nothing but something is telling me to feel worried. I have a translucency ultrasound tomorrow afternoon so I figure I will wait till then to see if everything checks out.

Today marks week 13. Wow just wow. I am starting to realize I need to really accept that this could be ok and bond with the lil bubby.