What to expect when expecting the movie review

What to Expect When You're Expecting

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week went to see the movie with and expecting friend. While there where some funny moments in the beginning that most TTC would laugh at. The middle got a fair bit dry and unrealistic.

There is a young couple that a accidentally becomes pregnant then misscarries which is a fair bit unexpected based on the primise of the movie. Just be a little worried for those who have been through a loss recently, I would advise waiting to see.

Next major beef about the movie it was the pregnancies where fairly unrealistic even the births but I guess it’s supposed to have creative license to make it a comedy.

The dads group depicted brought a fun twist and experience for guys. I am not a guy so I can’t speak for them but it appeared to be relatable.

Adoption story made it somewhat inclusive but it would be a fairy tale story of getting a baby extremely quickly from a international adoption.

Maybe my perspective is a bit jaded by my efforts to get pregnant, in a dream land everyone would have similar stories of ease to becoming parents. Over all I am happy to of saw it but wouldn’t give it a must see rating.