Coffee cuz I ant preggers

Oh yeah I had a big whopping cup of iced coffee today on the way to the dog park! Sorry to all you pregnant ladies out there but if you get to be pregnant and I don’t then I get to have me a ice coffee, lol. My gosh it’s feels overstimulating good. Its been so long, this could be the coffee talking but man I don’t feel sad right now. I also got my blood pumping and some sun rays while taking my girls to the dog park. Though I felt a little peeved because it was my escape from pregnancy thoughts until a new mom showed up with here preciouse newborn strapped to her chest. I couldn’t help but imagine me doing the same thing. The weather is amazeballs here because there is an amazing sea breez blowing across the land and after triple digit heat it feels cold here. I say all us TTC’ers go have some coffee today it’s nice (avoid the sugar beverage though).