TTC egg hunting

Happy Easter!

For all you TTCer’s out there I hope you are finding yourself and egg whether it be for ovulation or implantation.  I am currently hoping my uterus found the egg and is letting is snuggle into the nice thick lining today.easter egg hunt 2

Normally I try very hard not to watch for TWW symptoms but this cycle it seems like the “correct” dosage of trigger shot was felt across my body. While I am telling myself it is just the trigger shot it is hard not to be wishful that they may be the for real “my body is making its own HPT”.easter egg 3

Obvious symptoms:

Nipples are more tender than normal. I can normally pull pretty hard on my nipples and yank them around, now it hurts to squeeze them. Hmmm this may sound strange but when I have been TTC this long I have done some pretty strange things to myself.

Also the veins in both breast are (I think) darker and more evident. I even asked my hubby to these look different to you. He said no, and that he was the expert of them and they look normal.  So maybe it’s just me and the fact my skin is near see through as it hasn’t seen the lite of day in forever.

My dreams have been vivid almost every night this week.


I started the progesterone Friday night, four days later than I normally do so that I could check if I if I ovulated. Ii really hadn’t missed the progesterone for the last month.  Already it is making me nauseous!!! Why of why… my poor body is a roller-coaster   of pregnancy symptoms with no pregnancy.

Oh big thing the last few days I have really started to notice how my lack of exercise is affecting my body shape. My “spare tire” is moving south!!!! Danger Danger not good for myself esteem.  Though I am not gaining any weigh I think my muscle is turning to fat and that my skin is losing elasticity. Nightmare! But I will be upping my exercise now that it is spring time.

With all that in mind I hope everyone has a lovely day today while I am avoiding the Easter candy! Happy hunting~

Mrs. W